Saturday Leisure Ride – 27th September

Thanks to Dave Skinner for volunteering to lead this week’s Leisure Ride.

These rides are intended as an introduction to riding in groups on the road and are limited to 12 mph over a distance of around 30 miles. However they are also ideal for those wishing for a shorter sociable ride that guarantees to be back by around 1PM (please remember to respect the 12mph though!)

Meet at B&Q at 09:00. From there, Dave’s route will take you to Ivybridge via Sparkwell and Cornwood. From Ivybridge you will head south to Ermington and then up the Erme Valley to the cafe stop at Wrangaton’s Junction Cafe. After the cafe stop it’s downhill to Ivybridge before heading back to Cornwood, then Wotter and a left turn down to Plympton via “les Deux Alpes”.

The total distance is 32 miles (B&Q to B&Q) and the cafe stop is at the 17 mile mark.

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