Saturday Leisure Ride – 28th February

Thanks to Mike Taylor for volunteering to lead this week’s Leisure Ride.

Meet at B&Q for 09:00. Mike will be heading for Noss Mayo and his route is as follows:

B&Q – Ivybridge – Ermington – Battisborough Cross – Coffee stop will be at Yealmpton – Elburton – B&Q. (Let’s hope it isn’t too wet !!!)

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One Response to Saturday Leisure Ride – 28th February

  1. Michael Taylor says:

    Nice ride out to Noss/Newton today. Big group at B&Q meant an immediate split was called for. Think there was about 20 of us all told. Thanks to Peter for taking the second group. My group rode well keeping fairly close together at most points. Glad that I didn’t lead you all down the wrong lanes as this was the first time going that way since Ian took us up there a couple of months back. Also glad to report that the hill up from Noss Mayo creek (Bridgend Hill) is now nicely tarmac’d. Just before entering Yealmpton found the road closed due to the fire yesterday at the little thatched cottage on the bend. Cottage was gutted and we were lucky to be allowed through by the fire service. Cheers fellas. Russ and I had a coming together just before the little climb up to the cafe when my chain slipped off the little ring when changing causing Russ to get a little closer than perhaps Suki would have approved of. You need to get that handlebar tightened Russ.

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