Saturday Leisure Ride – 26th April

Please note this ride is a Leisure ride and the club’s entry level road ride, if you wish to join it then you must respect it’s purpose and aims.  Stronger riders are welcome but the club would expect you to help out on the ride.

Big Al will be leading again this week and for those who were unfortunate enough to have missed the leisure ride epic to Princetown last week you are in for a treat, as we have a repeat of our coffee stop at the Foxtor Café in sunny Princetown.

This week we will again use the traffic free Plymbridge trail to escape Plymouth and head out from our start at B&Q to Yelverton, but instead of taking the main B3212 direct to Princetown we will hang a left after Yelverton and head down to Walkhampton. Just before the main square we turn left onto Knowle Terrace & Walkhampton Road and follow the quieter country lanes to Horrabridge.

In Horrabridge, we’ll cross the River Walkham and head out along the twisting and rolling lanes to the cross roads at Moorshop.

Now comes the fun bit! At this point we join the main B3357 Tavistock to Princetown road, which, if you were with us last week we enjoyed in the ‘down’ direction………. Yep, this week we go in the ‘up’ direction to Princetown. The two longish hills of Pork & Rundlestone aren’t overly steep but will be rewarding climbs especially as in this direction you have plenty of time to take in the stunning views.

At Rundlestone we turn right at the phone box and follow the sweeping road down past the prison to a welcome coffee stop in the Foxtor.

After a rest and refill we will head back to Plymouth on the main road familiar to us from last week’s ride but at Dousland we turn left towards Burrator reservoir. At the dam we will follow the road to the right and do a quarter lap of the lake and exit the valley through Sheepstor Village and up onto open moorland again and on to Cadover Bridge.

At the junction we turn left and head down to Wotter where we again turn left and ride down Deux Alps and back into Plympton and our return to B&Q.

As we experienced last week, the temperature can be noticeably lower on the high moor than at B&Q so it will be worth carrying a wind/rain proof jacket even if the weather is good.

Should be another good ride at around 36 miles and the pace will be between 10-12mph. There is no need to worry about climbing slowly as the café will still be there when we do finally get to the top!!

See you there,

Big Al

Full route here

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