Saturday Leisure Ride – 17th October

Thanks to both Jim Grozier and Ray Cooke, for volunteering to lead the Leisure ride this weekend, their route is as follows;

B&Q to Ivybridge then right on the roundabout to Ermington. Cice steady climb from their upto Wrangaton where we’ll have our 1st stop at the route 38 cafe.

After a lovely phatboy phry-up it’ll b onto Ivybridge again then to Cornwood and from here we can decide whetherit’s a Dragon hill type climb onto a decent down Duez Alps to Plympton and back home to B&Q


Straight to Lee mill and back home via Smithaleigh, Lyneham and Plympton.

The route depends on which we choose, however is roughly 35 miles. This will be also conducted at around 10 mph average or as per the slowest rider.

Have a good ride all

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