Shred Classic Report

I won’t pretend to be a David Duffield/Phil Ligget of the YOGi world but here is my take on a very entertaining event with particular credit to YOGi member Matt McArthur, okay I’m maybe a little biased but……..

Once again Shred Racing put on a very entertaining and tough event, I’m sure it’s fair to say that the revised format of a much shorter course increased the level of excitement well at least from a spectator perspective anyway.  It also seemed to make the racing much closer too despite the best efforts of the mightily strong South Devon Cycling Club who once again swept the men’s results board.  The idea of running this on the same day as the Sky Ride paid dividends too with a good size crowd staying on to offer their support.  So a big well done to the Shred team.

YOGi Cycling were represented; directly by Dave Fletcher and Matt McArthur and though riding in the colours of their main sponsors we could also cheer on Kris Curtis, and in the very tough fought out female race Lyndsey Glazier and Ali Holland. This race had everyone enthralled as Lyndsey, Ali and (name unknown?) were involved in a very close battle for third and second place with Lindsey showing how much she has improved this year by taking 2nd, in the end Ali’s long layoff probably proved her undoing as she finally settled for 4th by just a few metres.

A very well done to all five of them, it looked like very hard work from where the hoard of us YOGi cheer leaders were standing and despite a ferocious pace, all of them completed  the whole of each race .  I’m going to single out Matt for particular mention though, after putting in a very impressive ride in both his heat and then in the ‘Devil takes the Hindermost’ styled final where I believe he came 5th,.  As the results are not yet confirmed on the BC website anybody know for sure by all means  correct me comments below).  Matt is new to racing this season and this makes his performance even more noteworthy.  He certainly gave us reason to cheer ourselves hoarse.

The unluckiest rider of the day had to be Johnny Yates one of Shreds own riders who managed to roll one tyre and then blow another on exactly the same corner whilst being the mostly likely rider to hang on to the South Devon guys.

All five of them were successful in ensuring we hung around till the bitter end of what was a great day for cycling in Plymouth.

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