Sky/British Cycling Ride Leader Training

Some of you may be aware that Plymouth will be running a massed Sky Ride this year, this event is designed to launch a series of rides, 25 in total, that will follow the massed ride trying to encourage people into cycling.

The hope of British Cycling and Sport England who also back this is that once people have reached a fair standard they will be encouraged and be enjoying it enough to join a club. For these events to succeed they require Ride Leaders who will lead, and report back post ride.  As a club we have been asked if any of our riders would be interested in this, more details can be found here, which also includes the application form, we would encourage club members who may wish to help lead our own rides to volunteer for this.  The training will include a full day and you will acquire on completion a British Cycling Ride Leader qualification.

What are the dates?  May 13th will be the Sky Ride, Training will be on the 28th Jan and 4th Feb for Ride Leaders, and the 5th Feb for ‘Route Planners’

What are the rides we would lead?  There are four levels of ride; ‘Easy’ which is all off road, flat and may average 3-5mph over 3-5miles, ‘Steady’ may touch minor roads and will be flat over 6-7 miles, ‘Well’ may be on minor light traffic roads over 12-14 flat miles, ‘Strong’ which can include some hills and up to 25 miles

Who chooses the routes?  the routes will all be designated and mapped out with a full risk assessment completed on them (This will be the job of the ‘Route Planners’)

What is a ‘Route Planner’? As well as the 30 Ride leaders they are looking for 10 who will be asked to also become Route Planners, their job will be to find the routes, map them and risk assess them.  These routes will be published for public use by the local council after they have been identified

When are the rides?  During the 3 months after the Sky Ride 25 rides will be planned, this is over the various levels.  They will all be run on Sundays and could be am or pm

Will I be in charge and on my own? Yes

What is in it for me? Ride leaders will be paid for the rides they lead, they will be provided with some kit, and a certified qualification of Ride Leader, this is a British Cycling qualification.

Any thing else I would need to do? If leading a ride you would be expected to know the route, have pre ridden it, be aware of the risks and hazards, you would also need to complete and submit a post ride report

Any other committments? Ride leaders are expected to commit to lead a minimum of 4 rides

Any thing else? If you wish to apply for Ride Leader/Route Planner then you can apply direct via the website, or submit an application form via e mail to  Application forms are available on request from



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