Steady Road Ride Route 15th Oct

Hi everyone,

Just checked the weather and it’s looking like good conditions with light winds, so I thought we would head out on the Moor.

Princetown, Belliver Forest

From our usual start point, B&Q car park at Plympton, (09:00am) we will  climb up to Cadover via Lee Moor before making our way to Yelverton to pick up anyone wishing to join us there (09:45-10:00). From here we will head towards Princetown and on past Two Bridges. From here we will take a left and continue on until just before Postbridge where we will take a right around Belliver Forest before the 20% switchback descent of Dartmeet. On our return leg we will be stopping at one of the Yogi’s top café stops – the Fox Tor at Princetown. If at this point it’s all too much or you have eaten too much cake you can head straight home from here but it would be a shame to miss the descents of Cols de Merrivale and Pork. We will take a left turn at the Moorshop junction, to make our to Horrabridge and hop onto the back roads of the Roborough Downs to get home.  Distance 55 miles.


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