Steady Road Ride – Saturday 3rd Sept

Hi all,

This weeks ride we will be heading  into Cornwall for one of the Yogi’s favourite rides.

From our usual start point – B&Q car park at Plympton (09:00am) we will make our way to the Tamar Bridge for 09:40 for those wanting that lie in. From here we will head to Hatt before going through the village of Pillaton and on to the T-juntion at Tideford where we turn right onto the A374 for a bit before taking the Looe road to Seaton for the café stop. It’s the coastal road back to Torpoint with those wanting a shorter route turning off at Tregantle or going the full route out around Kingsand, Millbrook and St John before the ferry.  Approx. 55 miles.


Ian Roberts

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10 Responses to Steady Road Ride – Saturday 3rd Sept

  1. Sharon Monk says:

    Great ride today one of my favorite routes. Thanks to Steve and Ian for helping me with my puncture luckily not that far from the Torpoint ferry.

  2. Justin Austin says:

    Big thanks to all those yogis who helped me with my spoke problem and cheers Chris for starting a bidding war for my wheels, even the mrs has put a offer in, cheeky !

  3. Kim Wiltshire says:

    Justin. I think we took the easier option 🙂

  4. Helen Andrews says:

    Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement, I will hopefully be less of a burden soon !!!!!

  5. Kim Wiltshire says:

    Not a ‘burden’ at all Helen. Keep coming along and you’ll soon get faster.

  6. Ian Roberts says:

    Hi Helen,

    Your not a burden to anyone, it’s great to have members stepping up to the steady ride and would encourage anyone to do so when they feel ready, you will be more than welcome.


  7. Brian Robinson says:

    Justin that offer’s still valid. £85 for some broken wheels….bargain… Kim you can’t up the price to £86, I know your game….this isn’t YogEbay you know. You’re just to heav……powerful for those wheels Justin, sorry….FarmerBoy. You know the monster trucks have large wheels, why not try monster bike wheels. They’ll be strong, add a bit of bling to your bike or you could just over inflate your tires……I’m sure that’ll work……tehetehe.
    FarmerGirl, just for the record…….I would have left him there……only kidding. Hope you got back ok.

  8. Rick Nurse says:

    Hi guys
    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my first YOGI Steady ride – you were a really friendly bunch
    I was quite surprised to find myself in this weeks Photo as we came away from the Seaton cafe stop

  9. Justin Austin says:

    Ernie you little cheeky milkman, just you wait to see the new wheel its been Pimp my mavic right up. P.s the Mrs has offered £88 and two free dinners, match that one !!

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