Summary of Last Week’s Road Ride Review Meeting

Hi all,

As many of you will know, last Thursday a meeting for club members was held to review the Saturday road rides. I hope everyone that attended felt that they were able to share their views and found the session useful.

Following is a summary of the points which were suggested/discussed (apologies for the delay, I’ve been away and busy with things YOGi and non-YOGi!)

  • Two or three times a year have similar club member forums/meetings to discuss important club issues – Outcome: Agreed that this was a good idea and further meetings would be organised as and when required.
  • Introduce a new ride between the Leisure and 12 rides that is more controlled for progress between the two. Regulars on the 12 ride will pair up occasionally to help share the leader role for this new ride as will some of the committee. This new ride will always be restricted to a max of 45 miles and will be about a 12 mph average speed – Outcome: Agreed, more info on the new ride to follow shortly.
  • Change ride names from numbers to letters as the average speeds are practically impossible to stick to due to the nature of our local terrain – Outcome: Agreed, more info to follow shortly.
  • Ride leaders should get more support from others on the ride with policing and control with a designated tail-end Charlie (even if alternated between riders) – Outcome – effective immediately.
  • Rides to only be posted on the YOGi website (i.e. not on Facebook) – Outcome – effective immediately. Note: only rides posted on the club website are considered official club rides and hence covered by BC insurance.
  • Where there are large numbers of people on a ride (more than 16), the group should be divided into smaller groups which follow the same route, approx. 5 minutes apart; the maximum number being 16 per group. Each of these sub-groups would have an experienced rider who knows the route, regrouping at the café stop – Outcome – effective immediately.
  • It was felt prudent that someone on the ride should ring the café to let them know that they should expect a large group of hungry riders, and to let members know that the numbers for cafes are on the site under cake stops in the road section – Outcome – effective immediately.
  • The committee should delete comments on the ‘Road Ride Leaders’ post ride list on a regular basis to avoid having to scroll down reams of old comments to get to up-to-date posts – Outcome – effective immediately.

There’s more info to come on some of the items discussed above so keep an eye on the website.


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