Summer Series / League ***Your thoughts & feedback please***

All YOGI Members

Can I have your thoughts / feedback please;  

I’d like to introduce a “Members only” YOGI Summer Series / League. Taking place on a night within the Week (Possibly a Wednesday) from around May time every week, the league would offer a variety of disciplines for our members to test themselves, namely Time Trials, Team time Trials, Road Race and Hill-Climbs (Events still TBC)

The 1st event would kick off with a Time-trial on a local course. All members would be required each week to sign on from about 6.30pm and pay a entrance fee (amount TBC- This would go towards helping with initial set up and ongoing costs). First rider off at about 7pm with regular intervals of a minute. There would also be an official Timekeeper.

Members taking part must have some form of official individual Cycling insurance (However I will also continue looking into insurance for the events) There would be approx 9 rounds in total with [perhaps 4 Time Trials, 2 Team Time trials, 1 Road Races & 2 Hill Climbs). There would be an overall winner plus other categories such as Ladies, Under 40’s, Over 40’s and Over 50’s. Would look at doing some Fun prizes also. All riders times would then be posted on the website to check progress.

YOGI Summer Series / League 2016 Schedule (Exact event pattern and Disciplines TBC)

Round 1:  Time Trial

Round 2:  Team Time trial

Round 3:  Hill-Climb

Round 4:  Time Trial

Round 5:  Road Race

Round 6:  Team Time Trial

Round 7:  Time-Trial

Round 8:  Hill Climb

Round 9:  Time Trial

I feel as a club we should have Competition for our members and i understand that this wont be for everyone, which is ok. YOGI is known as the Friendly Club to which this ethos will continue. However i believe this Series would be a staple diet for many of our club members who wish to progress up through the ranks and experience some form of competitive racing, Who knows from this, we may have members who wish to enter local competitions in our Colours. Something which I’ve noticed we have lacked in previous events.

It is still early days, therefore I want to gain your thoughts first before delving deep into this. Please provide your feedback and confirm whether this would be something you wish to take part in.

Thanks, Alex

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