Summer Series – Round 1 (ITT) Wed 19th April

So it begins!!!

I’m very excited to announce the details for our upcoming Summer Series of ITT’s, TTT’S and 1x Hill climb (Hill Climb info to be released in around August along with Registration to Enter) Each month will mark a different course and discipline. These events will be club lead and replace the standard Wednesday night club ride on the dates only.

Round 1 starts off with a Individual Time Trial on Wednesday 19th April at 630pm using the well known Ermington Valley course. Starting at the very bottom of the Course (Westlake Junction). It will be a ride up to the valley to just beyond the Kitford Cross junction. A quick and safe turn around and then back down the valley to the start / finish line. (approx 10 miles)

Entrance fees for each round is set at £3 and paid upon arrival. This fee ensures you are suitably covered by CTT insurance. However as always, we reccomend that each rider has their own insurance, for absolute peace of mind.

Registration opens at 625pm. Once registered we aim to set you off shortly after. Riders start times will be staggered. All rides must be finished before Sunset at about 815pm, meaning the last ride must set off no later than 730-740pm.

A point / scoring system will also be in place. Full details of how you can earn points will be made available in due course and before the event starts.

Marshalls & Timekeepers will be required to ensure the events go to plan, so if you are able to help please let me know. Those who volunteer will also accumulate points, which i hope promotes a steady flow of volunteers. Please don’t think your missing out on points if you choose to Marshall an event instead of participating. Those not wishing to take part, it would also be great to still have you there as support for those participating.

Please remember this is all for fun, although we do encourage competitive banter. Its hoped that these events, will allow those a better insight into the racing world. Note also that these events are for paid members only and is not an open event.

Hope to see you there.


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