Summer Series – Round 3 (Team TT) Wed 19th July

So after a successful YOGi Individual TT and Team TT in round 1 and 2. Its onto round 3 and its another chance to team up for a Team TT

Round 3 will take place on Wednesday 19th July at 7pm using course S19/16S. This starts at HMS Raleigh and heads up to Trerulefoot Roundabout and back again. Going through Anthony, Sheviock and Polbathic. With the finishing point at the entrance of Anthony House.

For this event, we are encouraging members to comment below to confirm their attendance. It is planned that this be a 3up TTT, based on the number of riders who took part in round 1 & 2. Should we have more numbers, this could be changed to a 4up TTT. Please therefore confirm your name and your riding partners below (Based on 3 up). If you are unsure who to partner up with, comment with your name below and confirm that your looking for a partner. The idea is to team up with someone of similar calibre.

Course details –

Entrance fees for each round is set at £3 and paid upon arrival. This fee ensures you are suitably covered by CTT insurance. However as always, we reccomend that each rider has their own insurance, for absolute peace of mind.

Registration opens at 630pm. Registration point will be outside HMS Raleigh. Once registered we aim to set you off for around 7pm on a first come first serve basis. Riders start times will be staggered at 1-2 minute intervals. All rides must be finished before Sunset.

Marshalls & Timekeepers will be required to ensure the events go to plan, so if you are able to help please let me know. We will need at the very least 6-8+ Volunteers to ensure the event goes smoothly. Points will be given to those who volunteer, which i hope promotes a steady flow of people coming forward.

As before, please remember this is all for fun, although we do encourage competitive banter. Its hoped that these events, will allow those a better insight into the racing world. Note also that these events are for paid members only and is not an open event.

Hope to see you there?

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