Super Saturday Road Rides 19th May – Demo Bike – Update

Ok, we have 3 bikes still available to any members that wish to try one for an ‘entire’ YOGi ride – follow the instructions below.

If you have booked or plan to book a bike please check on the YOGi Wall for some important details. You can pick-up the demo bike either from B&Q or The Burrator Inn.

For anyone wanting a shorter ride (39 miles)  there is the option of joining us at The Burrator Inn, Dousland at approximately 10am. You can also park at the pub if you wish.

We’d also appreciate any help from the experienced regulars with managing the various groups; thanking you in advance – route map attached.

We’ve got something very special lined-up for this Saturday’s Road Rides! In association with Cogs Bikes and Koo Bikes we have arranged for one of their suppliers i-Ride to give our members a chance to ride Merckx, De Rosa or Argon 18 road bikes for the day.

Simply choose which bike you’d like to try out for the day from the list and paste your name alongside it in the comments section below.

The plan is for all  3 groups, the 12, 14 and 16 to do the same route, which happens to be the western section of the Dartmoor Classic – so a good little taster for the event.  Total distance Plymouth to Plymouth is approx 65 miles. Burrator Inn and back to Burrator Inn is 39.5 miles. And B&Q, western loop to Brrator Inn is 53 miles.

If the weather is good we will have a cafe stop at Lydford. The ride will finish at The Burrator Inn, Dousland where we can have some refreshments and talk bikes with the opportunity to swap bikes for a blast around the reservoir – there will also be an Argon 18 E80 time-trial bike.

Obviously those wanting to ride the demo bikes will need bring their own pedals to be fitted to the bikes. At the moment the plan is to set-up the bikes at B&Q, just bring your own bike (keep an eye on this post for any change to this) and it’s best to be there for 8.45am if you’re using a demo bike. We will make arrangements for your own bike during the ride.

The rides will start at the usual time after 9am, split into to their usual groups of 12, 14 and 16.

If you need more details please email Hope that all makes sense!

Make sure you choose a bike suited to your height, as a general rule its best to go by the ‘effective’ top-tube length – you can find size charts linked to each bike.

Brand Model Size Spec
Merckx EMX1 48cm 105
Merckx EMX1 48cm Ultegra
Merckx EMX3 54cm Centaur
Merckx EMX3 48cm Athena
Merckx AMX1 48cm Tiagra
Merckx EFX1 43cm (Womens) 105
De Rosa Merak II 55cm Red/Black
De Rosa Primato 57cm ?
Argon18 Krypton Medium SRAMRival
Argon18 Krypton Medium Athena
Argon18 GalliumPro Medium Record
Argon18 E80 Small (TTBike) Rival TT
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