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YOGi Morzine MTB Adventure Trip 2011 Day 5

Panoramic, Fantasticable and Monkeys Ass!! now theres a few good names for ya??? Day 5: What a day the sun was shining and the trails were dry and dusty, we all felt gutted for Andy Powell as he was going to miss out on the rest of the holiday…….. well so we thought????? Andy was determined not to let this little flesh wound ruin his holiday, so planned a nice long walk with Kerry and Andy Ball, they headed up the Le Plenney bubble and walked over the golf course….. this is something to behold, a golf course purched at the top of … Read more…

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YOGi Morzine MTB Adventure Trip 2011 Day 1-3

We all look forward to a holiday but when it involves mountain, riding, friends and a great location you know you have a winning recipe for something special. Planning for the trip commenced in the autumn of 2010 to ensure we all had enough time to get a leave pass from our better halves and to give plenty of time to wind up our riding friends who were staying at home. By the departure date our numbers had swelled to 14 riders including: Andy Ball, Andy Pearce, Andy Powell, Andy Pyke (The first rule was you had to be called … Read more…


Yogi MTB Morzine Trip (Chatel Road Gap HD Head Cam)

WHAT A TRIP!! We are currently in the process of putting ride reports together for the recent trip to Morzine to take part in the Passportes Du Solie challenge 2011. so watch this space: As a teaser I have posted this small film of the Chatel Road Gap. (SEE BELOW) BACKGROUND: To give a back ground to this jump we have to go back four years, I have visited Morzine now four years, each year I’ve ridden past this road gap with the dream of one day plucking up the nerve to to do it! Last year I was determined … Read more…