The Ice Man gets a podium place in Newnham 24/12

Congratulations to Dave “Ice Man” Eliott who came second last night in the Newnham 24/12 12 hour solo event..

Dave still looking fresh on lap 2 of many!

more to follow when we have the low down on the other YOGi riders who took part.

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13 Responses to The Ice Man gets a podium place in Newnham 24/12

  1. Kim Wiltshire says:

    Fantastic performance by BNMCC Dave. How’s about a YOGi team next year? I might even be tempted back to the dirt!

  2. Chris Glazier says:

    Great result Ice Man, laughing…..and a good job us roadies stick to the road…might have had some competition else!!……..:-))

  3. Steve Monk says:

    Nice one Dave see you know you love getting dirty really:-)
    Hope to see you on a Dartmoor ride soon. Windy!

  4. Dave Elliott says:

    I’m always I said.I found if you have shaved legs it stops the mud sticking to them.

  5. Miles Earl says:

    Well done. I hear this is an excellent event!

    I’ve just bought an MTB and fancy getting involved!

  6. Steve Mace says:

    Well done Dave ! all that hard work has paid off.

    No Pain No Gain !!!

  7. Dave Elliott says:

    Nice one.i will try to do a bit of a report over the weekend.

  8. Dave Elliott says:

    great event,great people,lovely weather,nasty hills,lots of roots and some good music…oh and apparently free beer and cheese on the friday..
    some of the resons to do it next year.
    not much of a report i know.but thats why i work with spanners and not a pen and paper….init..

  9. Dave Elliott says:

    this one is on the list for october

  10. Dave Elliott says:

    event movie

  11. Graham Lang says:

    That looked like a great event Dave.

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