This Week’s Rides Confirmed

Hi all,

The last week of BST is upon us and the err……delights of GMT around the corner, so following some constructive comments on the forum and actual discussions on our rides, we see this has an ideal time for a review and likely add a third Saturday road ride option. Watch this space!  Better still if you fancy leading any of the rides then volunteer under comments below, or under the forum about this very subject.  Ideally we will end up with a healthy pool of ride leaders so we can share the load, it’s likely we will be particularly looking for leaders to share the easier level rides but all levels appreciated.

Alternative Tuesday MTB Cross Country Ride – Tuesday 25th October

Meet at 5.50 pm @ B and Q  Coypool Leaving at 6pm (yep the same as our long standing MTB Ride!)

This ride is for those of you who don’t want to go quite as far or as fast as the ride detailed below.  It is not too technical, but you need to be reasonably fit.  Plan is to be back at the ride start by around 8.30pm.  Penny and John Allan will initially lead but once established it will be open to any mix of volunteers.

If you are unsure of your ability/fitness please try one of our Saturday MTB Fun Rides first and we will advise whether or not you are ready for night time off road riding.  Of course full on MTB lights are essential throughout the following winter months.

MTB Cross Country Ride – Tuesday  25th October

Meet at 5:50 pm @ B&Q Coypool leaving at 6.00 pm prompt!

Though if you can’t make the start point in time but would like to meet up with this ride en route you will be very welcome and by phoning Marcus on 07772 314925 he will agree a suitable rendezvous point (typically The Dartmoor Diner!) though some flexibility available on this.  Best phone him on the day (before 4:30 ideally!) just to help route planning.

Pretty quick riding but not for those who only ride with their race head attached.

If unsure of your fitness/ability please try a ‘Fun MTB Ride’ first.

Road Ride – Tuesday 25th October

Meet 6.30 pm B&Q Coypool, Plympton.

If numbers make it a more sensible option two ride’s take place, both doing the same route. If so, the faster group will leave first – Av Speed will be around 18 mph, the second group to leave will ride at an Av Speed of around 16 mph.  If you turn up specifically wanting to ride at the slightly slower pace by all means let us know.

Neither rides are always led so a route choice generally mutually agreed and briefed before setting off.

If you are unsure of your ability to ride at either of these levels we recommend choosing the Wednesday ‘12’, the Saturday Leisure Ride or by posting for like minded riders under ‘Comments’ under ‘This Weeks Rides’ News Item on our Webpage.

Wednesday ‘10’ Road Ride – 26th October

Well Ski is away on business this week so unable to lead, so we have a plan of sorts! So turn up for the usual time of 6.30 pm B&Q Coypool, Plympton and we will try (I’m sure successfully!!) to encourage one of the regulars from this group to volunteer to lead in his place.

As a reminder this ride remains at an average speed of 10 mph max and the ride is approx 20 miles distance.

If you want to volunteer to lead in advance that’s great, just put your name under comments.

Wednesday ‘12’ Road Ride – 26th October

Meet 6.30 pm B&Q Coypool, Plympton.

This ride of 20 – 30 miles is for those who want to build a basic level of fitness. Average speed will be around 12 mph.

Not always led so by all means turn up and contribute to suggesting a route at the start.

We expect all to show self discipline hence ensuring this weekly ride remains suitable for those who are basically fit but not able/wanting to ride above this pace.  In other words if you want to up your pace one of our other evening rides is for you.

MTB Adventure Ride – Thursday 27th October

Meet at Yelverton Coop car park @ 7:15 pm.

Not a beginner level ride but nor is this for racer’s, it can be quite technical but pace will suit most moderately fit riders.  Expect to be back at the ride starting point between 9:30 and 10:00 pm having ridden approx 10 miles.

Full on MTB lights essential all year round.

If you are new to this ride just keep your eye on our web site in case there is a change of meeting point, very occasionally we will do so.

There is an optional post ride social pint so best bring a change of clothes.

Road Ride – Thursday 27th October

Meet 6.30 pm B&Q Coypool.

30 -35 Miles generally ridden at around 16 mph average speed, usually with lower numbers than Tues eve.

Another ride where you turn up and a democratically chosen route will be conjured up by all so by all means come with a plan and be prepared to brief it to the group!

Wayne’s World MTB Cross Country Ride – Saturday  29th October

Meet 9.30 am B&Q Coypool, Plympton.

Technical MTB ride, not for beginners (please try one of our monthly MTB Fun Rides if unsure).  Expect to be out for approx 3 hours.

Maybe worth checking with Wayne (07895 850757) to ensure the ride is actually on, it invariably will be!

Leisure Ride – Saturday 29th October

Meet 09:00  am B&Q Coypool, Plympton.

These rides are of approx 35 miles now with the option for those like minded to go on an additional 15 miles or so loop.  Average speed is deliberately held at around 12 mph so they are an ideal way for ‘newcomers to group cycling to give it a go’.

There will be a café stop and it is after this that the group will split.

Be prepared to show some self discipline to ensure the pace remains at this level. In other words join one of our other rides if you want to up your pace.

The planned route will usually be posted by Friday evening each week.

Steady Road Ride – Saturday 29th October

Meet 9 am B&Q Coypool, Plympton.

Average speed is usually around 14 – 16mph.  Generally the plan is that we set off as one group but to avoid large groups being spread out we will not regroup until the cafe stop.  This is a new idea and we expect some teething problems as groups of like ability form, however we accept our popularity is forcing us to do something that will reduce the risk to us all and at the same time lesson any disruption to traffic.  Bear with it and help us make this work.

It’s even more important now that once the back group has formed they take the responsibility for making sure someone waits at junctions and no one gets left behind.

Once at the cafe stop we will regroup and usually have a choice of a shorter circa 45 mile ride (earlier finish time) or a longer ride up to 50 – 60 miles with a correspondingly later finish.

If you are unsure of your ability to ride at a average of around 14mph (the estimated last groups pace!), then please try the Leisure Ride first!

The planned route will usually be posted on the website by Friday evening.

Early Bee MTB Ride – Sunday 30th October

Meet 8 am B&Q Coypool, Plympton.

Technical reasonably fast cross country mountain bike ride.  Numbers totally unpredictable sometimes only one or two other times up to 10 turn up.

Often un led so turn up and take yer chance or better still post your intentions under comments on this post.

Additional Rides

At a loss and fancy an impromptu ride?  Post your plans (or look for others) under this article

Our Ethos

  • We welcome all newcomers.
  • Our bikes are in a safe to ride condition.
  • We wear helmets on all road and MTB rides.
  • For safety reasons any type of music ear phones will not be worn, this ensures you can hear messages about cars/obstructions/directions as passed down the line.
  • We ride with front and rear lights in poor visibility and within normal lighting up hrs.
  • We remain aware that we are riding under the YOGi Cycling Banner and do not behave in a manner that can harm the clubs reputation.  This means following all traffic rules, riding in single file when cars are behind, and refusing to get involved in any kind of abuse with other road users, no matter what the provocation
  • Caring passionately about the trails we ride
  • Everyone shares our ethos and ensures YOGi Cycling is seen as an exemplary cycling club
  • Everyone brings spare inner tubes and basic tools
  • We do not leave anyone stranded so shout loudly if you have a mechanical/puncture we will stop and assist
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