Time-Trial volunteer timekeepers training course

A message from Ken Robertson to those involved in TTing that would like to give something back to the sport:
The heart of time trialling are the volunteers as without them there would be no events for the riders. Central to that are the timekeepers. It is essential to keep adding new ones as older ones decide to retire and or some of the younger timekeepers find new interests.
An approach has been made by 2 clubs for a training course. To that end Barry Day has agreed to dust off his watch and pull out the notes used so that we can run a course in the next 6 weeks or so.  The course will be in Devon (the last was in Cornwall) and close to the A38, probably on a Saturday morning.  There is no charge for the course.
Would you please ask your members if any of them are willing to attend so that in the coming years we can be assured that these essential tasks are in good hands.
If you want to take part put a comment below and I’ll pass your name and contact details onto Ken.
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