Torbay Velopark – Tuesday 2nd May 6-8pm

Torbay Velopark

We have a fantastic outdoors cycling facility right on our doorstep in the form of Torbay Velopark and we are yet to really utilise this as a club.

Therefore I’ve booked 3x Two hour evening sessions during the Summer, in which we can use the Track for Group ride training / education. There is no entrance fee and all hire costs have been covered by the club.

These sessions will not be solely provided for education & training. I’m sure there will be many of us chomping at the bit (I know I am) to pedal hard and have a few timed laps & fun races. So the Track will be divided to accommodate both needs. Those wishing to do this, please feel free to turn up and ride

However for those interested in attending to learn more about the Do’s and Dont’s of Group Riding, please confirm your names below. David Fletcher has very kindly offered his time to provide coaching for those who require it and will need numbers before Tuesday 25th April.

The first of these sessions will be on Tuesday 2nd May 6-8pm. We have access to toilets but not to changing room facilities. I would suggest getting there for at least 5-10 minutes before track time starts.

Many thanks

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