Turbo Time! …don’t forget…Thursdays until further notice

As a joint venture with RUTT (‘RUTraining Today’ cycle club) we will be holding weekly turbo/roller sessions commencing this week at Lipson Co-operative Academy.  The intention will be to run them each Thursday whilst the demand is there, starting at 5:30pm with the hall being vacated by 7:00pm.

Sam Shannon, of RUTT will be taking the first week’s session, thereafter it will be a mix of individuals with our own Russ Parkin helping out to run the sessions.

What do you need to take part?  Your bike, a set of rollers or turbo (either fine), and all your normal gear to ride.  We do have 8 turbos that will be there for the first 8 to post a request for them below.  Please also bring a couple of pounds to cover the cost of the hall.

As we will be using the sports hall at Lipson we can take any number of riders…provided you have your own rollers or turbo so there is no need to post your attendance (unless needing to borrow a TT)

Given the weather at the moment this is a great way to get some quality motivation and training in……apparently they can be fun as well (?)

Be good to see this well supported.

Bernice Terrace, Plymouth, Devon PL4 7PG


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