Urgent TT Marshalls Required – YOGi Time Trial Sunday 9th September

Unless we find more marshals for next Sundays YOGi Time Trial we will have to cancel it on grounds of safety.

For those of you who do not use the YOGi Facebook page you may not not know that Mike Deacon who has done to a lot of single handed effort to organise this event (and one on the 23rd September that also needs support) has been putting out regular ‘Pleading for Help’ messages.

Mike’s latest issued this morning says this:-

“I still need marshals for next Sunday’s Time Trial. I really don’t want to cancel. If you ride with the club this is your chance to give something back. A club of YOGi size really should be able to provide half a dozen marshals on a Sunday morning. If I have to cancel this one I also won’t be doing the TT on 23rd. Please help if you possibly can.

Thank you to those who have already offered their help”.

I’m first to admit that very early Sunday morning starts are…….well difficult…….but at least once the event has finished it means there is still plenty of the day left for other things.  So come on please lets see some more volunteers so Mike can see the final result of weeks of effort.

If you are happy to wave a red flag (that’s pretty much all there is to do!) please either respond to Mike via Facebook or put your name in comments below.  No need if you have already volunteered.

The good news is we have over 35 entries!  So lets hope we don’t let them all down too!


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