Velo-Jaguar Event – Saturday 2nd February

Right then, the plan as it currently stands:

There is a choice. You can either:

  • Meet promptly at 9:00 at B&Q and then depart at 9:05 for Stratstone (Plympton). Or
  • Anyone who wishes to book out a demo bike or just wishes to have an early look around at the shiny cars and bikes can go straight there for 8:45 onwards.

Cogs will be there from 8:45 to book the bikes out and, I’m told, coffee will be available. Please bear in mind that we will be aiming to start the main ride/rides, from Stratstone, at 9:30.

Details of the route/routes will be posted next week.

As for the bikes available for booking, a list of some of the bikes available on the day can be found at the bottom of this post. You can only book them out on the day so please get there early to allow you to book the bike and join the ride which will be leaving at 9:30.

And, of course, the YOGi gazebo will be there with the very fashionable YOGi casual wear being available to purchase. In addition we will have all of our remaining stock of club kit.  (Note. You can see our current stock on this page. If you need club kit that we don’t have in stock please go here quickly as we’re placing an order on 8th February)

Please see the details below from Stratstone and Cogs for details of other facilities/promotions available on the day (most importantly – pasties, tea and coffee!!).

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Dear YOGi Member,

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In celebration of the arrival of the new Jaguar XF Sportbrake, Stratstone would be delighted if you could join us on Saturday 2nd February at our exclusive road cycling themed Velo-Jaguar Event.

There will be a range of activities for everyone to enjoy courtesy of Cogs Retailers, including a showcase of their latest range of bikes (which you will be able to try out), clothing, accessories, together with a free Prize Draw. At the end of the ride, we are offering pasties and tea/coffee, together with a free bike clean. There will also be YOGi kit for sale.

The Stratstone Team will be offering a personal introduction to the new XF Sportbrake and there will be opportunities for those of you who would like a test drive (don’t forget your driving licence and ‘non’ bike shoes!)

During the event you can be among the first to discover why the new XF Sportbrake lives at the heart of the Pro-Peleton and prepare to achieve your peak cycling performance in 2013.

Now you can have the performance and craftsmanship of the award-winning XF saloon with extra space and versatility. The XF Sportbrake boasts 1,675 litres of flexible load space, it’s also beautifully versatile. You are never forced to choose between desirable and practical. It’s 100% both.

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Brand Model Size Spec
Merckx EMX525 54 Ultegra Di2 Red/White/Carbon
Merckx EMX3 48 Ultegra Di2 White/Carbon/Red
Merckx EMX3 51 EPS Athena Racing quattros Red/black
Merckx EMX3 51 Athena Black/Carbon/Red
Merckx EMX3 48 Centaur Black/Grey/Carbon
Merckx EMX1 51 105 Black/White/Red
Merckx EMX1 48 Ultegra Mix White/Black
Merckx EMX1 Peloton 48 Tiagra/105 Mix White/Black
Merckx EMX1 Peloton 51 Tiagra/105 Mix White/Black
Merckx AMX1 48 Tiagra Black
Merckx AFX1 Tiagra White/Red
Argon E-112 S 105 3T Aura Pro
Argon E-116 M Frame Kit matt black
Argon E-118 M Red/Black + Wheels
Argon E-80 M 105 3T ARX Pro Token Mondo Q
Argon Gallium M Frame Kit matt black
Argon Gallium Pro M Black Record
Argon Krypton S 105 3T ARX-Pro/Ergosum Pro

Please note. The sizes may appear small but we have been informed that the actual sizes are larger than the stated size. For example, the 54cm equates, roughly, to 58/60 cm.


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