Velodrome Trip – Sunday 8th March

There are still a few places available so not too late to book!

We leave B&Q Marsh Mills at 10:30 and will aim to be back around 9-9.30p.m

I have cleats with me for those that have asked for them.

Don’t forget: helmet, gloves, kit, food and drink, towels, deodorant and a sense of humour!:)

See you tomorrow for what we hope will be a brilliant day out!

Well here are the long awaited details of our trip to the Newport Velodrome on Sunday 8th March 🙂

We have a 4 hour session booked from 2pm to 6pm and the intention is to split in to 2 groups and rotate at regular intervals. While one group is on the track the other group will be watching and recovering!

We can have a maximum of 16 riders in each group and numbers will now be capped to 32 riders, so a bit more track time. Hopefully this will tempt some of you who have been sat on the fence!

We will leave from YOGi HQ at 10:30 to get there in plenty of time and will look to get away pretty sharpish after the last riders come off the track but by 6:30 at the latest. The cost for the trip is £32 and includes travel, velodrome hire, accredited coaches to lead the session and bike hire.

For the track session you will need to wear cycle kit – they suggest a couple of top layers, gloves (mandatory!!), cycle shoes with LOOK KEO cleats, and a helmet. The velodrome will provide helmets with bikes but for comfort we suggest you bring your own. Obviously on top of this you will need food and drink and a towel etc, showers are available. There are vending machines in the velodrome and a cafe in the nearby leisure centre but can’t comment on what it offers.

**IMPORTANT – CLEATS** The velodrome bikes are fitted with Look KEO pedals – not Delta’s for those who have been before!! The pedals cannot be removed so you’ll need to fit KEO cleats to your cycling shoes for the day. We have struck a deal with YOGi member David Fletcher from and he has a limited number of KEO cleats available for £7 a pair (payable separately), which is substantially cheaper than you’ll find them elsewhere. Please ensure you fit your cleats the day before not on the coach, the last thing you’ll want on the day is a bolt you can’t get off to change your cleats!

Groups will be split by experience so when booking a place please indicate your level of velodrome experience:
Novice – New to velodrome riding (Velodrome? Is that something to do with Pringles?)
Intermediate – Have been before (Easy, let me show you how it’s done)
Experienced – Familiar with all drills etc (Step aside Sir Hoy, I’ll take it from here…)

Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis and secured on payment of the trip costs – £32.00. Payment should be made using Paypal and there is a link at the bottom of the booking form. To reserve a place please complete all details in the booking form which which can be found here. 😀

Feel free to post below as well, but please make sure you fill in the booking form. (For those that posted before I added the booking form I’ve got your details but please still fill it in!)

This should be a great day out and a good opportunity to experience the thrill of velodrome riding, hope to see you there!

For more information check out the Newport Velodrome FAQ page which can be found here

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