***Very Important update relating to Road Club rides – As of 8th July***

Hi all

After ongoing discussion and review of the existing Club ride system. It is with effect from the 8th July, that Club rides will be as follows;

  • 10 – 12 MPH distance 25 to 35 miles (Merge of the Leisure & A ride)
  • 12 – 14 MPH distance 35 to 50 miles (Formerly B ride)
  • 14 – 16 MPH distance 45 to 60 miles (Formerly C ride)
  • 16 – 18 MPH distance 60 to 75 miles (New formed group)
  • 18+ MPH no mileage limit (Formerly D ride)

We recognise the importance of being able to adapt. to ensure we are able to accommodate every level of rider and that all rides are equally balanced.

You will notice the following changes which includes group name change from Alphabetical titles to Ride pace titles;

The merge of the Leisure & A ride, with no change to average pace and still acting as our base entry level ride for those new to the club

The introduction of the 16 to 18 mph group, would provide the progression that people need and allow a possible step up to the D ride, for those currently riding faster than the old set C pace. It is thought also, that this ride acts as a base training ride for D riders during the Winter months.

It is also hoped that with the introduction of the new 16-18 ride, many current B riders will now progress up to and ride within the 14 – 16 group, which is the former “C” pace ride as it should have been. It has been recognised that the former group is rather swelled at present and contains the largest mix of different abilities.

Let us not forget, that club rides still have a emphasis of fun and it isnt all about progressive riding.

I hope that you are able to support these changes, which we see as only improving the club further!

Onwards and upwards!!!!



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