Welcome to the New YOGi Website!

Hi. We hope that you’re enjoying our new website and are finding it useful. We are now in our third week since the launch and, before this “welcome to the new site” post is removed, can we please draw your attention to the following:-

  1. If you are a current member of YOGi Cycling, and have not yet received your user name and password, please contact us here.
  2. There is now a handy Site Guide available from the main menu bar under the “YOGi Info” heading.
  3. Could you please ensure that your displayed name remains your full name.

Thank you.

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21 Responses to Welcome to the New YOGi Website!

  1. Kim Wiltshire says:

    Just like to say well done to Graham on creating the new website, he’s put in a tremendous amount of time and effort and done a great job. The new site should be able to cope with the huge amount of traffic we get and be more reliable.
    We do need more mountain bike articles but in order to publish them we need you mountain bikers to write them – so don’t be shy, send them in.

  2. Chris Glazier says:

    Great work Graham………..

  3. Ian Roberts says:

    Well done Graham, our new website is amazing.

  4. Richie Ogle says:

    Just to reiterate the above comments Graham. Well done.

  5. Richard Towl says:

    Great job Graham, it looks fantastic and is something else YOGi can be proud of.

  6. Kaja Curry says:

    Bikley blingfantastic! Well done

  7. Dave Thorogood says:

    Thanks for a great new site. Looks good, easy to navigate and lots of information and links.
    The chain links browser background works really well too. A job well done.

  8. Paul Cunningham says:

    Quality site now shows a lot of very hard work has been done on this site well done !!!

    • Kim Wiltshire says:

      Thanks for the positive comments; Graham’s done us proud. Just one thing don’t forget that you must use your proper full name in order post; this is so that everyone can see exactly who is posting. Thanking you all.

  9. John Allan says:

    Great new website Graham 🙂

  10. Jon Price says:

    Well done Graham, I come back off holiday to a brand new Yogi website , and Im sure everyone will appreciate the hard work you ve put into it, Well done!

  11. John Ambrose says:

    Many thanks Graham for the time and effort in creating a new site, good choice of picture at the top, looks really good.

  12. Ross Wildman says:

    Good effort mr G

    however, are we missing a section? The riders experiance bite (ride reports/event reports etc?) of is it myself just being stupid and not spotting the link 🙁

    • Graham Lang says:

      Thanks Ross. If you look in the “categories” section in the sidebar, you’ll see there is a category “Rides & Event Reports”. All posts with that category in it will be filtered when you click on it (that was how it was done on the old site too). The older ones are still on the old site so there aren’t that many here yet.
      PS. Where’s your avatar? 🙂

  13. Kerry Clayton says:

    Great site Graham 🙂 How do I change my profile pic?


  14. Graham Lang says:

    Hi Kerry,
    have a look at the “Avatar” section in our Site Guide (also available on the top menu under YOGi Info).

    Graham 😆

  15. Brian Robinson says:

    What a fantastic web site. Looks really professional, easy to navigate with sooooo much information available. If I was looking to join a club in this area, hell, if I was in Scotland and stumbled across this site it would certainly encourage me to come along to one of the rides………ok………maybe not Scotland! Not that Scottish cyclists are not welcome of course or in fact anyone outside the Plymouth area……..I’ll shut up now………….
    Well done Graham……….credit where credit’s due.

  16. Steve Monk says:

    Hi Graham,

    I’ve been using the site for while now and I have to say it’s great!!! well done mate a lot of effort must have been put into it. Everyone I speak to says the same.

    It must be good because even the MTB side of the club are using it.

    Cheers Windy and the MTB crew:-)

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