Winter Saturday Road Rides Survey Decision

Firstly a big thanks to the amazing number of you who responded to the winter Saturday road ride start time survey. In fact we had 148 responses. Fantastic!

Not sure how a pure statistician would have predicted the outcome but surprisingly we had a darn near even split in preference for both a 09:00 and a 10:00 am winter start. So where does that leave us?

Well knowing we can never keep everybody happy and we expect those who voted for the 10am start in particular may not be, we have decided that ride start time will remain at 9am. In mitigation: during the winter we will pay particular attention to the Friday evening weather forecast and if it looks likely there will be unsafe riding conditions, we will formally cancel all sanctioned road rides.

We will advise by posting on both the web site and the YOGi FaceBook page no later than 8pm on the Friday evening. Yes we may sometimes make a pessimistically wrong call, but by far our priority is every road users safety and we make no apologies for that!

Despite that there is no reason why you cannot make a personal choice and turn up anyway, though be aware riders taking that approach will not be covered by the clubs British Cycling insurance, so is entirely at individual risk. Fair enough!  Of course maybe more sensible to delay until say mid morning and use Facebook to drag anybody out who has not changed their day to err …..earn brownie points!

When we reflected on the past, we could not recall cancelling any rides during the 2013/2014 winter and this winter we have cancelled only 3, so in the scheme of things our rides are rarely affected so we felt this was another justification for leaving things as is.

On top of that we had some really sensible comments on our Facebook page all of which contributed to this decision.

So again the fantastic response from you all much appreciated and likely we will start to make more use of surveys as we consult your opinions to help up develop and grow YOGi Cycling.

There were some requests to use different start times for different rides but currently we believe that our ‘Friendly Club’ moniker is best sustained by everyone meeting together on Saturday mornings. However we will formally discuss at the next committee meeting.

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