Winter Training And The 16

After meeting with some of the regular 16 riders , we have decided that the 16 group will run as two rides and thus are going to try to provide an extra ride. The groups will be a “training group” and an “A” group.

The “A” group will consists of the existing 16 riders who are riding sportives at a high level and may also be training to race.

The training group will be run as a disciplined group ride. This ride will have a focus on training different bike riding skills and bringing riders up to a level of fitness to ride with the “A” group or to simply to meet their own personal training goals. It will also be a ride for the “A” group to ride when they wish to ride at a slower pace according to their winter training.

Over the winter months, one of the main aims will be to do base training and develop endurance. This will be the basis of more varied and focused training rides to take place in the spring. Base training usually means keeping heart rates down. However due to the varying abilities it may not be possible to ride to your own individual zones. This can be done individually and any individual training would support the Saturday group rides. Therefore Saturdays, will be group rides in which the individual takes second place to the group. Hopefully the group will ride at a pace that reflects an average of the abilities of those who attend. It is expected that disciplined group formation will be maintained. The plan is that there will be no riding off the front because you have the option of riding with the A group and secondly, if you are struggling on the back then you can choose one of the other yogi rides or train more.

The “A” group will continue to ride in exactly the same way they have over the past year. In the winter months this will most likely consist of 4-5 hours rides between base and tempo.

We are hoping that two groups work well in conjunction with one and another. It is planned that on the first Saturday of the month both groups ride as one. Also if the numbers are insufficient, then we can decide to merge the groups on the Saturday morning.

We believe that this is a great opportunity for anyone with long-term training plans and those who wish to achieve goals whatever they may be. The key to the success of this venture is
Is a commitment of the people riding, to ride as a “team” and come along regularly so the skills and fitness levels develop in a coordinated, progressive and sustained way.

Lastly, the extra ride means that we will need extra ride leaders. Some people have already put their names forward. It would be great if everyone attending led the ride at some time. Everyone would be supported by the group and if wanted a route could be planned for them. Leading a ride supports everyone else and it is best if this becomes mutual and we all take a turn. If you don’t like public speaking I am sure someone else can do the shout out in the morning.

Lastly , given that this will take place through the winter , and given that we are riding in groups , mudguards will be needed ! Cant follow a wheel if you are getting sprayed!

This is a bit of an experiment so we can but try !

Rob Barnes

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