Women’s Representative

As most of you are aware I have been the Women’s Rep for the club. However, I am no longer able to continue due to working shifts, which means I am not available for many weekend’s now.

This means there is an exciting opportunity for a YOGi gal to take on this role. -) The aim of a Women’s Rep is a simple one really. It is for you to support the ladies of our club. There is scope for you to develop this role as much as you would like to. The minimum requirement is to continue to offer a ladies only ride once every 3 months.  And, if like me, you feel you are a route numpty you have no need for concern as the other gals will help, as they helped me.

It would be a real shame to see this role disappear as we have the largest number of female members in our area. And the ladies ride has been very popular too. I also believe there are many women in the club that could develop this role further, which would be fantastic. I also see no reason as to why this role could not be shared if two friends would like to take it on.

As I say, the only requirement is to keep our ladies ride going, so if you would like to be involved please do contact me at rachael@yogicycling.com

The next ladies ride is due for a Saturday in June. However, I am aware our AGM is during that month so if July works better for you that is fine.

I’ve really enjoyed supporting the women of the club and know you will too. It is a lovely role and of course I will still be supporting the YOGi gals because let’s face it ….. YOGi Gals Rock!!! -)))))

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