YOGi Beach Bonfire – Saturday 10th November

Never mind 5th November our event is timed to suit the influence of moon and sun and how they jointly effect the amount of sandy beach that will be at our disposal.  Unfortunately this year that does not quite coincide with the celebration date of one of the most notorious occasions in British history!

Ah well, meet 15:00 at the beach immediately below The View Restaurant, Whitsand Bay (towards the Rame Head end of the coast road).  This beach is reached by a path that goes straight passed a very useful supply of bonfire fuel, the remains of a demolished chalet that Steve Preston has saved just for the occasion.  This is where we would like all willing bodies to grab whatever wood they can (Steve will put a big sign pointing to the right place!!) and help cart it down to the beach, yep hard work and so needs the hands of many.

Once we have a suitably impressive looking bonfire, and if we have any energy left we will play beach games, so by all means bring a frisbee, football, cricket bat and ball etc.

Absolutely anyone is welcome so do invite family, friends and work colleagues.  Everyone needs to be self sufficient so bring BBQ’s/food, drink, warm clothes, (a torch a good idea too!).

So that those with younger children are not too late home we will light the bonfire as soon as it is dark enough and once it is well and truly lit those who have brought fireworks can let them off.

For those who have not been to one of these events before they have always been very well supported and great fun. But it does rely on as many as possible being prepared to carry wood down to the beach.

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