YOGi ‘Carry On Camping Weekend’ – 11th & 12th May (cancelled)

No, no, no, forget Sid James and that bra flying off and hitting Kenneth Williams in the face……. I’m talking BIKE CAMPING, with Big Al!

The Summer is finally starting to show it’s head so dig out that old tent from the back of the garage, pack up the bikes and head off into the wild in search of adventure……….. I love the smell of bacon frying in the morning (and I personally guarantee no duelling banjos)

The plan is to load a couple of vans with your gear at B&Q which will then take your things out to the camp-site. Some guys will be taking their gear on the bikes, trailers or even rucksacks with everything they need to survive Saturday night on Dartmoor. It won’t be quite as wild as it sounds though. We’ll meet Saturday morning and plan a ride of say 50 miles or so, taking in the usual YOGi café stop or stops to arrive at Lydford Caravan and Camping site on Dartmoor. Put up the tents, cook our own tea, have a bit of banter and snuggle down for the night. Sunday will involve cooking our own breakfasts, packing up the tents and then riding back to Plymouth via a café stop for lunch.

Obviously not everyone has the gear to do this so we’re giving you plenty of time to beg or borrow the basics, find someone to share a tent with and work out how to carry your gear. The site has kindly agreed to waive the pitch fees as we will be tipping up on bicycles so we are looking at £5.25 per adult for the Saturday night. For those who feel unable to drag their gear across the moors and have partners who would like to come out and stay that night and bring the gear with them in a car, then an additional fee of £3.25 will be charged to park on the pitch.

Finally, so we are not upsetting the YOGi Camper-van owners, they can come too but will be subject to the usual pitch fees which we will confirm later. It is also likely that they may be positioned in a different part of the site. Although that may not be a bad thing……..I snore really loudly.

Come on people, give it a go, there’s plenty of time to source the gear and for one night you’ll only need a basic tent, stove, food and something to sleep on/in and share that out between several riders…….easy.

So put your name down and register your interest for what I’m sure will be an enjoyable weekend, that way we can adjust the plan as necessary to accommodate numbers.
Batterbridge Hill with a 20kg trailer……….Only kidding.

**please register your interest in the comments below**

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