YOGi Christmas Party – Great Night Had by all on Saturday

What a night! –  thank you to everyone who came along and made the YOGi party night a success. Great food, great company, great dancing (?) and of course the usual YOGi banter. A huge thanks to all who donated our vast array of raffle prizes – KOO BIKES, COGS, CERTINI, CYCLESCENE, ARCO, BIKE BASH, BIKE CLUB.  Our raffle raised £260.

If you’ve got some photos from the evening why not send them in.

Looking forward to more YOGi social events in the new year. MERRY CHRISTMAS YOGi’s.

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56 Responses to YOGi Christmas Party – Great Night Had by all on Saturday

  1. Lynda Mctier says:

    If anybody wishes to purchase their tickets with cash as opposed to using the advertised method, then please contact us directly at social@yogicycling.com

  2. Lynda Mctier says:

    The hotel has also provided us with a special room rate for this date if anyone wishes to stay at the hotel after the Yogi event. The rate is £58 room only or £78 bed and breakfast. Please mention YOGI if taking up this special offer.

  3. John Allan says:

    Does that price include wine or any drinks? – just wondering as it’s fairly expensive, especially for all 4 of us!

  4. Lynda Mctier says:

    Hi john. It doesn’t include any drinks im afraid. This price is in line with other venues and events . on top of last year , we have our own venue and entertainment.
    We have negotiated on the price as best we can to get the venue to ourselves. Unfortunately , we are only umable to accomodate over 18’s at the Xmas do.
    John – can you send me your email ?

  5. Lynda Mctier says:

    Sorry that should say under 18’s

  6. John Allan says:

    Thanks Lynda sounds good – No U18 phew -saves me £70 :-).

  7. Andy Westcott says:

    Paid via the YOGi online shop. Sarah and Me.

  8. Andy Westcott says:

    Can you disclose the form of the “Entertainment” planned I heard rumours of the committee doing the Full Monty and wasn’t sure if this was just a cheap marketing stunt to sell tickets.

  9. Lynda Mctier says:

    Yogi karaoke – now theres an idea lol
    We wont be putting that upon you1 but rest assured the evening promises to be even better than last years.

  10. Ian Roberts says:

    A few of us went down to checkout the venue on Monday, really nice,good size room, a big dance floor and more importantly a good size bar at the end of the room. We need to fill it now to make a it a fantastic night, I would hate for anyone to miss out, so get signed up.

  11. Chris Glazier says:

    All change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    look out for some great news on the Christmas party.. :-))

  12. Helen Ballantyne says:

    That’s good news! We will be booking tomorrow. Thanks YOGi’s!

  13. Sharon Monk says:

    Excellent news the “Monks” have now paid up to go. Should be a good night.

  14. Miles Earl says:

    Cut the profit margin?!

  15. Lynda Mctier says:

    There is no profit to be made at this event. The cost to the club from the venue is £35 per head to include: 3 course meal and entertainment as explained in this post. The club have decided to take the hit of £10 per head to ensure that this event is accessible and affordable for all.

  16. Simon Pope says:

    The Popes are all booked in at long last! Really looking forward to it.

  17. Greg & Lou Mack says:

    The Macks have paid up and I’m taking my handbag for the dancefloor, Lou 😉

  18. Paul Northmore says:

    All booked and looking forward to a good night.

  19. Paul Brindley says:

    That’ll be me paid up then.

  20. Kerry Clayton says:

    All paid up, see you there!!

  21. Kerry Clayton says:

    Soup, Turkey and sorbet/ice-cream selection.


  22. Andy Powell says:

    Sam would like Soup,beef,chocolate
    Andy would like pate,turkey,chocolate

  23. Trevor Monk says:

    Trev, Soup, Turkey, Xmas pud.

    Sharon, Soup, Veggie tart, Sorbet/ice cream.


  24. Paul Brindley says:

    seafood,beef and a tart please.

  25. Lynda Mctier says:

    Cheers guys – keep them coming in

  26. Helen Ballantyne says:

    Here’s ours –

    Helen – Soup, Veggie Tart, Chocolate Tart
    Mark – Seafood Cocktail, Turkey, Chocolate Tart

    Thanks Lynda

  27. Kim Hunter says:

    Hi guys I have puchased another two tickets for the Christmas dinner. There will be six of us going together, is there seating arrangements or are we able to sit where we want to? I would prefer if we could sit together because my friend don’t know anyone else.

  28. Lynda Mctier says:

    I currently doing the seating plan so if you give me all the names I will ensure that you are all sat together. Also, can I have your menu choices.

  29. Paul Northmore says:

    Soup, turkey and xmas pud. Thank you

  30. Andy Westcott says:

    Sarah: Pate, Beef, Ice cream
    Andy: Soup, Turkey, Choc Tart

    Yum Yum.

  31. Simon Rooke says:

    Simon , soup , braised beef , sorbet
    Lucile ,seafood , braised beef , sorbet

    Could we possibly sit with Rob and Alison Godfree

    Thank you Linda

  32. Adrian Smart says:

    Adrian: Soup, Turkey, Xmas pud
    Helen: Soup, Beef, Chocolate Tart

  33. Greg & Lou Mack says:

    Greg – pate, turkey & tart
    Lou – soup, turkey & xmas pud

  34. Mike Noble says:

    Mike – pate, turkey & xmas pud
    Sally – seafood, turkey & tart

    Sorry for the delay!

  35. Graham Ford says:

    Sarah – seafood cocktail, beef and Xmas pus
    Graham – pate, beef and tart


  36. Debbie McCall says:

    Menu choice: Soup, tart! and ice cream/sorbet combo. Please x

  37. Nigel says:

    seafood – beef an Xmas pud!

  38. Alex Warren says:

    Pate;Turkey;Xmas pud

    Soup:Tart;Christmas pud

  39. Andy Powell says:

    In advance of the Xmas do I would just like to thank Lynda for organising us all and pulling this together which is no mean feet :-).

    My dancing shoes are polished (You have been warned! )and I look forward to another excelent YOGi event

  40. Chris Glazier says:

    Party time……………………………..:-)

  41. Helen Ballantyne says:

    What an outstanding night!! Great food, fantastic company, fab prizes and had loads of fun on the dance floor! Thank you again Lynda for a well organised evening and your Irish Jig was the highlight! YOGi has to be the best cycling club!! 🙂

  42. Mark Reed says:

    As you can see Helen is still feeling the effects of last night! Anyway great night thanks to Lynda…probably the best cycling xmas event ever!

  43. Sharon Monk says:

    Excellent night and a big thank you to Lynda. Great food, company and prizes. I haven’t danced so much for ages !

  44. Debbie McCall says:

    Had a brilliant night, good company, good food, and some interesting shapes being pulled on the dance floor! Thanks Lynda for all your hard work.:)

  45. Simon Rooke says:

    Thank you Lynda for organising a fantastic evening. Everything was wonderful , we had a really great time. Yogi’s have great dancers as well as cyclist’s.

  46. Steve Clare says:

    A big thanks from me too Lynda, brilliant night and slickly organised. I was well impressed and entertained by your Irish Jig, you were very good so I gave it 10!

    Looked like a darn good way to cross train too!!!!

  47. Lynda Mctier says:

    Yogi Irish dance class – now there’s an idea lol. Awesome night with a great bunch of people – even andy powells table lol. Glad everyone enjoyed themselves and looking forward to more yogi social events.

    • Andy Powell says:

      Glad you liked our quiet MTB ways! Its not often we MTB’ers make it out to such a posh do so we thought we make the most of it:-)….in fact the paty continued until to 5am so you can imagine how I felt in the morning……Thanks all for putting up with us (me!) Hic

      • Dave Elliott says:

        You can’t beat a good paty….it was a great evening.i even felt quite sensible till the absinthe was consumed.
        Im starting to feel normall now.2 days later.

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