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Well it is with some sadness that we say goodbye to Jez from the committee, the good news is he will continue to ride and when available lead rides too.

In Jez’s own words (and I hasten to add none of us agree with him!) “I am doing lots of things badly and realise I need to focus on my career and business”).  Well no one can argue with that, especially knowing he spends three days per week and some weekends working away in Dorset.

So please join us in thanking him for his highly valued contributions, Jez is just one of those people who sees things clearly and can be relied up on to listen to a number of points of view and opinions and then apply good ‘ole common sense!

He has also been our link to a number of local cycling related institutions and was our RTTC (Time Trials!) point of contact, ensuring we registered and followed the rules.  Hence enabling members to officially enter events. Jez pretty much singlehandedly completed all the liaison and ground work for our substantial Sport England grant in our formative year.  This was a big task and one in which we quite rightly had to jump through many hurdles before it was granted.  On top of all that I have found him to be a good friend and always enjoy riding with him, even though he makes me hurt whenever the road go’s upward!

So that means we are looking for a volunteer replacement, not a clone (there won’t be one 🙂 ) but someone who is enthusiastic and motivated to help ensure YOGi Cycling continues to develop, keep existing members and gain new ones.  Yep a pretty open brief!

Also within our club constitution we are already one committee member short (those with a good memory will recall this from our 2014 AGM!) so we do have the option of welcoming two new committee members.

If you are willing to ‘Have a Go’ and the above somewhat macro level brief appeals, please let us know via the information@yogicycling.com email. If you would prefer an informal chat with one of us before adding your name by all means say so in your email, no commitment in doing so. Confidence will be kept until you are confirmed as a member.

If you know someone who you think would be an ideal choice give em a nudge!  It’s maybe not so easy to volunteer without knowing you have support from some other members, so such a nudge might just make the difference!


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