YOGi eBike Policy

As the growth of eBike use continues it is binging the sport of cycling to those who otherwise may not be able, to ride as well as becoming more and more attractive to those who simply want to enjoy a different ride.  As a club we applaud this but at the same time appreciate the need for guidelines and a policy.

This policy should be read in conjunction with our standard ride guidelines and our club ‘Rides Ethos’, all available on this YOGi Cycling Website.  These are in place to clarify required behaviour of all members and guests on club rides.  The aim being that everyone rides safely, considerately and enjoys themselves.

Mountain Bike Rides

  • You will be welcome on all our club rides as long as you advise the ride leader on arrival that you are riding an eBike.
  • You will be self sufficient in handling your bike over ‘Hike a Bike’ sections, stiles and any other trail obstacles.
  • For one off special event rides, you must contact the event organiser and seek express permission to take an eBike. Some of these type of events may be deemed inappropriate for eBike use.

Road Rides

  • eBikes will be allowed on both our weekly Leisure Ride and the 12-14 Ride.  This is based on the current legal power limit cut off, that means maintaining higher average speed will be a risk.
  • If you turn up for a ride and the ride leader does not specifically ask if there are any eBike riders present, you should advise the ride leader before the ride departs.

Relevant To All Club Rides

  • Power management must be sensibly applied to ensure enough battery life to complete the whole ride.
  • You will be expected to have a fully charged battery at the start of every ride and should your indicated battery level suggest you will be unable to finish the ride with power you should advise the ride leader.  Then if necessary make your own way home, or accept that it is unreasonable to expect the group to slow the pace to accommodate your reduced speed should your battery run completely out of power.
  • You will adhere to our group riding etiquette and ride as directed by the ride leader and only ride ahead of the group such as on longer climbs with express permission of the ride leader.

All of the above should be seen as the club and its members wanting  you to feel very welcome and encouraged to join and enjoy YOGi Cycling’s rides.

These guidelines will be revised and updated as the technology and growth of eBiking continues to mature.   We welcome any improvements suggestions for consideration as amendments to this policy.

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