YOGi France Trip……….CANCELLED 🙁


We are really sorry but we have had to cancel the France trip this morning, the background and reason is that Brittany Ferries only have so many discounted places to sell and once the number is reached they reserve the right to up the prices to normal.  As we have left it so late to arrange and book, the discounted places are no longer available in the number we require – they could not even tell us if they had 1 or 20 left….the bottom line is the price would have gone over £100 a head and we did not consider that value for money. 

All the monies paid for this trip will be refunded this evening. 

As soon as the discounts become available again in the Autumn we will re arrange this trip……but book early this time so there is no disappointment. 

Many apologies again………………(We are as fed up as we suspect you will be!)




UPDATE:  Full payment for this trip will be required by midnight this Saturday, 23rd of February, this will also be our closing date for anyone wishing to go.  We have now added a Paypal link at the bottom of the post for you to pay, please note that once we have booked the trip on Monday no refunds will be possible.  Thanks to Greg Mack we will now have two distinct rides for this trip, both will meet up for lunch at Huelgoat and aim to be back at the ferry (better be!!) for our return. Once we have booked the trip on Monday we will aim to release some more detail later in the week….things to bring and not to bring! routes, etc etc.  As it is a few weeks away please can you all ensure your bike is in good working order with rubber left on your tyres for the trip….given the time of year you should also have lights…just in case!!!


As per last year we are planning another day trip to sunny (?) Roscoff 🙂 Planned date for this exciting trip is the weekend of the 8th/9th of March…earlier this year due to the inconsiderate time tabling of Brittany Ferries……

So the plan is, board the ferry Friday night for a 2200 sailing, arrive Roscoff approx 0800 and jump on a bicycle, ride to Morlaix for breakfast, thence we remount and head South to the lovely village of Heulgoat.  Lunch will be a refined affair with some pizza/pasta and wine for those who wish.  The return route down to Morlaix (everything is downhill to me!)…is a fast and lovely stretch that everyone who has ridden will tell you 🙂  Morlaix is our stop for afternoon tea before a blast back along the estuary towards Roscoff where we re-embark for an overnight crossing to Plymouth, eta approx 0800 on the Sunday morning

Approximate mileage is 80-90 miles, a minimum average speed of 12mph should be the aim 🙂 if sufficient numbers wish to ride a more leisurely pace then we will arrange an additional route to cater for that…lunch will still be together in Heulgoat 🙂

Cost for this extravaganza should be no more than £50 per person (inflation has hit the ferries!), this includes the cost of your bike and the share of a cabin with en suite facilities each way. there is also a small contribution included towards the cost of one car which we normally leave at the ferry port with all the baggage for the day…and can be used if anyone should break a stem!! You will also need money for food etc.

If you would like to go then please add your name below, full payment will be required via a Pay Pal link we will add to the site over the next few days.  Closing date for this will be Fri 22nd February.

We may also consider taking non riders who might wish to accompany in some way……please add their name and if they would be driving or sharing with someone else.

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