Saturday ‘Gals Only’ Road Ride – 8th September (PHOTOs!)

Ladies, I thought it was about time we had the opportunity to all get together.

We will head off to Loddiswell with our Cafe stop being at the very lovely Avon Mill. Men take note, this is OUR cafe stop for this week! 😉

Ladies, I don’t know if you are aware, but in the loo’s at the Avon Mill they have the most fabulous collection of hand and body lotions that you can try! Bike riding, cake and shopping! What more could we want. 😆

So on Saturday 8th September we shall have a YOGi gals only ride. We will meet at the usual B&Q Coypool car park at the far end. I’ve decided to keep the meet time in line with the usual Saturday ride times to try to ensure that no one has to alter their weekend plans for this.

The idea behind this being a YOGi gals only ride, is to enable us all to be able to get together and meet each other. As I am sure you are aware, female’s are still under-represented in the cycling world (although this is improving). We at YOGi are very fortunate because we do now have a large amount of female members.

However, we don’t often get a chance to meet each other and statistically there are significantly fewer of us. Therefore, this is an opportunity for us all to get together no matter what group we tend to ride in. The pace will ensure that no one struggles and we will all ride as a group.

I hope this is something that you will all enjoy; I for one am really looking forward to it. Louise Mac has kindly agreed to assist us too. 😀

A subtle message for the men folk. You will not be able to get away with joining us, believe me some have already tried to get on board, to no avail – haha!! And we will be checking! This is a gals only ride!


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