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As you probably know by now, you do not need to log in just to browse our site.

The Home page contains excerpts of all  recent news articles (posts). Just click either the post-heading or the “Read more…” text to read the full articles.

There is also plenty of useful information available on the various pages which can be accessed from the menu bar (as you may have already done to access this page). Additionally, on the menu bar, you will also find our Calendar, Forum, YBookPhoto Galleries, YOGi Store and, if you wish to become a member, our Membership Form!

To look at older posts, there are various ways to find or filter them on the right hand sidebar.

Please feel free to browse the site. However, if you wish to comment on a post or take part in our forum you will need to log in.

If you wish to contact us you can do so without logging in by filling out either the Contact Us form or the Website Query forms. These forms can be found on the YOGi Info menu item. The Website Query form should be used for queries specifically to do with the website (ie. accounts) and the Contact Form for all other topics.

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Logging in

As a member of YOGi Cycling you will have received a user-name and password. If you are a member and have not received one (or have forgotten it) please fill out the website query form with your details. (If you aren’t a member, our membership form is also available on the menu bar 🙂 )

In order to log in, you will need to click “log in” on the menu bar. This will take you to the log in page. On successfully logging in, you will then be taken to your Profile Page. This is where you can check your information and, if you wish, enter a short biography (this will be shown at the bottom of your Forum comments).

If you have forgotten your password, just click “Lost your password” on the log in page. You will then be asked to enter your username or email address and will then be sent a replacement password to your registered email address. If you have forgotten your username just fill in a website query form.

Please can we ask that you always ensure that your displayed name is always your full name. Nicknames or just “John” do not help to identify you in such a large club.

Once you are finished on the Profile Page, save any changes and click on the “YOGi Cycling” at the top left hand side of the screen. You will now be back on the website but this time with the ability to:

  1. Comment
  2. Join in the Forum
  3. Upload a photo
  4. Vote in a poll

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Before you make a comment or enter the Forum, you may have noticed that the current comments have a small picture associated with each of the members names. These are called Avatars. By default, you will be given a random “cartoon” avatar. If you would like to create one for yourself you can do so by choosing the “Edit My Profile” option when you hover your mouse over your name at the top right of the screen. Here you can upload a suitable photo that, ideally, will help to identify you to other members.

And that is all that is needed for you to proudly show off your own avatar alongside your comments.

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We welcome all of your comments. In fact it is your comments that make our posts interesting.

To start a new comment, go to the very bottom of the post window and start typing in the box that is already there.

To reply to an existing comment go to the particular comment and click “Reply”. A box, similar to the one at the very bottom of the post, will appear. When you click “post comment” you will see how the replies are nested underneath each other so it is easy to follow the thread of a “conversation”.

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Smileys 🙄

For those of you who like to add smileys, you can use them in your comments. Here is a list of the smileys available and the text you need to enter in order for them to be displayed in your finished comment:

icon text text full text icon full text
🙂 :) :-) :smile: 😆 :lol:
😀 :D :-D :grin: 😳 :oops:
🙁 :( : -( :sad: 😥 :cry:
😮 :o :-o :eek: 👿 :evil:
😯 8O 8-O :shock: 😈 :twisted:
😕 :? :-? :???: 🙄 :roll:
8) 8) 8-) :cool: :!:
😡 :x :-x :mad: :?:
😛 :P :-P :razz: 💡 :idea:
😐 :| :-| :neutral: :arrow:
😉 ;) ;-) :wink: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

* In some instances, multiple text options are available to display the same smiley.

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Uploading a Photo

If you have a photo that you think could be added to one of our galleries, you can upload it on any one of the gallery pages via the sidebar. Please put a description with the photo  (preferably also include your name) so that we can decide which gallery to add it to. This is a good way to send us your photo for the Members Gallery!

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The Forum

The Forum is great for asking or answering other members’ questions, arranging impromptu rides, buying and selling and generally creating any discussion that might be relevant to the club and it’s members. Please note that anything deemed inappropriate will be removed.

There are currently 3 categories within our forum:

  • General – General questions or comments
  • For Sale/Wanted – advertising space for selling your old unwanted items or buying someone else’s.
  • Events – for discussing events such as sportives and finding out who else has entered.
  • Rides – for arranging impromptu rides (outside of the normal YOGi scheduled rides)

On selecting any of the Forums that are listed under the above categories, you will then be able to either view an existing topic or create a new one.

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Members Area

Here you will find pages that are only accessible to paid up members. You will need to be logged into the site to view these pages.

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