YOGi Kit update

The YOGi kit will be on display at the AGM. We are limited in sizes at the mo but you will at least see the full range of items available. We have delayed the ordering of new kit until after the YOGi AGM as some members have requested to see the kit before they order.

The following people can collect their orders from me at the AGM –

Neil Carpenter, Zoe Birch , John Allan, Steve Sendall

The following orders have been received but will need orders placed with the company and this will lead to a delay of 6-8 weeks.

Austin Reynolds, Keith Holman, Luke Bird, Adam Pollard, Steve Crowhurst

If I have missed anyone, please contact me directly or see me at the AGM and we will sort it out.

I will be looking after the kit orders for the time being so please direct any correspondence or queries to myself.   We will be placing an order early next week with our supplier so please get your requests in. You can order kit through the website by paying through Paypal.  There will be a 6 week wait for delivery so please be patient.  There is a small amount of kit in stock – if your size is included in that stock then I will contact you and arrange collection immediately.

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