Yogi MTB Morzine Trip (Chatel Road Gap HD Head Cam)


We are currently in the process of putting ride reports together for the recent trip to Morzine to take part in the Passportes Du Solie challenge 2011. so watch this space:

As a teaser I have posted this small film of the Chatel Road Gap. (SEE BELOW)


To give a back ground to this jump we have to go back four years, I have visited Morzine now four years, each year I’ve ridden past this road gap with the dream of one day plucking up the nerve to to do it! Last year I was determined to attempt it but when I rolled into the take off there was a guy waving his arms stopping me…. it transpired his mate had given it a go and broken his arm and collar bone!!!!! needless to say I gave it a miss.

THIS YEAR HOWEVER IT WAS NOW OR NEVER!                                                                              

Many of you know me I’m a 42 year old MTB cross-country rider who just loves to ride in the exposed parts of the moors on my carbon stumpy……..but unfortunately I still think I’m 20:-)

Pete Revile had rented an Orange Alpine 160 for the week but had to return home early for work commitments, luckily for me this meant I was left with the bike for the last day… you know the motto on rented kit “RIDE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT”!

There were no excuses  the last day of trip (so didn’t mater if I got hurt) and I had a bike that was man enough for the job….. The question was, was I???

Now you’ve watched it I can tell you the thing I am most proud of is picking myself up off the floor and giving it another go. I originally thought I had entered the take off too slowly and just caught the crest of the landing, this made me enter the second time much faster, unbeknown to me I had managed to twist in the air the first time causing the bike to pop out from under me on landing….

This meant I was entering the jump the second time around much fast than required. If you watch the forks on the slow motion section you’ll see they completely bottom out causing me to enter the berm much faster than anticipated, thank god I made it….. what a rush. I’m so glad I didn’t attempt it on my trusty stead!

We later estimated the height from take off to landing was 20ft and the distance approximately 30ft.

Thanks goes to my bro Stewart Monk www.reelfunmedia.com for lending us the HD head cam and filming along with Pete for lending me the bike, and last but not least you guys for being there and not putting me under pressure, if anything you were trying to talk me out of it.

On On Windy

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4 Responses to Yogi MTB Morzine Trip (Chatel Road Gap HD Head Cam)

  1. Andy Powell says:

    Full credit to you Windy you showed true grit dusting yourself down and getting back on to complete the 4 year challenge….whats next is my only question 🙂

  2. David Fletcher says:

    Wow! Great footage and what a feat Windy.

  3. James Horler says:

    That looked amazing – it must feel great being in the air that long (provided you don’t realise from the outset that you’re going to stack it). I presume we’ll be heading into Cann Woods tonight for you to practise you new found flying skills?

  4. Miles Earl says:

    Nicely done mate!

    Morzine is an amazing place! I was there the same time as Windy’s lot, and had a great time.

    We cycled the Col Du Jeux Plane and Jeux Verte (on our hire MTBs), and with many thanks to Windy, got last minute entries to Passports Du Soleil – a truely amazing event I’ll never forget!

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