YOGi – Newport Velodrome Trip – 7th October 2018

Hi all

I cannot believe that a whole year has passed since our last visit. Therefore I’m super excited to announce that this returns again this year and we have a booking at the Newport Velodrome for Sunday 7th October, with track time 12 noon – 4 pm.

So that I can now work out the cost per head, please confirm your DEFINITE interest to attend the event. The cost per head will again include the 4 hour Velodrome hire, an accredited coach to lead the session and individual bike hire. I will again be in need of Designated drivers, to which I will confirm the number needed once I have an idea of Definite numbers attending.

I will need for you to confirm your DEFINiTE attendance by the Deadline of Friday 31st August. This gives us time to cancel the booking without charge, should we not have the numbers

Once I have confirmed names. A final post will then be put onto our website confirming per head costs and the names attending. This post will also include a payment link, to which payment will be made via Web-collect.

Last years costs based on 15 people attending, was approx £45. So i expect it to be in the realms of.

This should be a great day out and an awesome opportunity to experience the thrill of Track Cycling. It’s not to be missed and please confirm ASAP to avoid disappointment


Agenda for the Day

We have a 4 hour session booked with the intention to split in to 2 groups and rotate at regular intervals. While one group is on the track the other group will be watching.

Groups will be split by experience, so along with your name. Please confirm your level of experience;

  • Novice – New to the Velodrome (Never ridden a Track bike or on Track before)
  • Intermediate (Have ridden a Track before)

For the track session you will need to wear cycle kit. Gloves are mandatory, cycle shoes with LOOK KEO / Exustar Look KEO compatible cleats, and a helmet. The velodrome will provide helmets with bikes but for comfort we suggest you bring your own. Obviously on top of this you will need food and drink and a towel etc, showers are available. There are vending machines in the velodrome and a cafe in the nearby leisure centre but can’t comment on what it offers.

**IMPORTANT – CLEATS** The velodrome bikes are fitted with Look KEO pedals – not Delta’s. The pedals cannot be removed so you’ll need to fit KEO cleats to your cycling shoes for the day. These can be purchased online or through one our our LBS’s. I suggest the Exustar Look Keo cleat, which is less expensive than the official Look Keo cleat. Used these for many years, including their pedals and are excellent quality.

Please comment below only (NOT VIA FACEBOOK!) 

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