YOGi Road Race Cancelled

Regrettably we took the decision to cancel the YOGi Road Race (scheduled for Sept 2nd) at our committee meeting this week. We waited this long in the hope we might get a rush of late entries.  As it turned out we simply had less than 50% of the entries required to break even!  As a committee we simply couldn’t justify using club funds to run a race that would run at a significant loss.

Nevertheless we are disappointed that the event had such poor support, particularly given that there was a race specifically for 4th category riders who rarely get an opportunity to race.  As one of them put it, “on a level playing field”.  According to Phil Hull our race organiser, races in the South West are not generally as well supported as those on other Regions and he says “wearing my Regional Treasurer hat, I have undertaken to raise with the Region’s Road Race Work Group about how we and, other clubs, can change things to promote events that do get good support.”

We have invited Andy Parker Regional Events Officer to our next committee meeting and we plan to raise some (off the wall?) discussions on what sort of competitive events British Cycling and affiliated clubs should be considering in the region.  If anyone out there has some innovative thoughts it would be good to hear them. Who knows, one or two suggestions in the comments below might stimulate some brilliant new competition.  Thinking Caps On Then!

Many thanks are due to Phil for doing a lot of background work for our race it was much appreciated and of course he was part of the group who took the difficult decision to cancel.  We would also like to thank those YOGi members and their partners who had volunteered to help on the day.

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