YOGi Road Race Update – It’s on the 2nd September!

An update from our very own race organiser – Phil!

The race date is getting nearer! 

The earlier post (see below) produced 6 volunteers but more are needed.  I am particularly interested in members who are willing to drive their own car to carry officials, first aiders etc.  The vehicle insurance for the event is covered by BCF and, therefore, volunteer drivers must be BCF members.  Fuel costs will be reimbursed.

Please let me know:

  • if you are willing to drive and provide your car (even if you have already put your name forward);
  •  if you want to help in some other way.

Those who want to participate should, by now, be honing their fitness.  The entries are coming in slowly but that will change nearer the date.  Updates will be posted on the British Cycling South West Facebook page.

Phil Hull




Copied below is the original wording, though if you want to see the twenty previous comments you can only access them via the original article.

There are 4 events with the Elite and 1st category Senior men’s race in the morning and 2nd, 3rd and 4th category Seniors, Women and Juniors all competing in the afternoon.  Already we have a number of entries from outside the club including some with top results behind them.

There are 2 distinct aspects of these events for YOGi members.  Firstly there is an opportunity to participate and experience the thrill of competition whilst showing off our club colours to the more race orientated clubs around us.  The second is to promote an event to be proud of.  So we keenly await your race entries or at the very least your help on the day.

It would be great to see participation by club members and to make this even more fun once again like last year there will be races within the races for YOGi members. If you are going to enter and this will be your first race, we fully recommend starting your preparation now.  The ability to ride closely in a group moving at speed, take part in “bit and bit” and coping with rapid accelerations and continuous changes in pace will enable you to get the most out of it.

To enter you will need at least  a day license and to apply via the British Cycling std race entry form, available here org.uk/road/article/roadst_Entry-Forms

To ensure a truly great event we need volunteers, so for those that do not intend to race, we would welcome your help on the day.  Examples of things we need help with are:-

  • Looking after the rider sign on
  • Marshalling junctions/turns (we will provide red flags, whistles and Hi Viz vest’s
  • First Aid support
  • Helping with refreshments (serving or even donating some cakes/snacks/biscuits)
  • Driving support vehicles (you will need to be a British Cycling member to do this so their insurance will cover you and your vehicle for the event)

So though we would rather see you enter the race a close second is to see a good few names appear in comments below volunteering to help on the day (by all means put down your preferred role).  Volunteers will be briefed on exactly what is required in advance and on the day by the chief race commissaire.

Phil Hull

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