YOGi Road Races 18th September 2011 – Volunteers and riders still needed

Afetr a great Time Trial last weekend we are aiming to make our first Road Race a similar success, however!..we need your help and support.

Firstly, don’t be shy and intimidated by the thought of racing, this weekend’s race has a specific race for the YOGi members within it so you can enter and race alongside people you know, so come along and try your hand – you could be the first ever winner of the YOGi members race title and trophy holder!

For those who are still too shy, or racing yourself just doesn’t appeal, then please give something back and support the club by posting your name below as a helper and give a hand with the marshalling…it’s also good fun and you can watch and support at the same time.  Alternatively please e mail me at accounts@yogicycling.com

There is now a prize cash fund of £300 for this event so if you fancy your chances get your entry in this week.  The event has also been chosen as the final Junior series race of the season so lots of support for the youngsters who race at the same time as the Women in the morning will be welcome.

This event is well worth watching/supporting so please come along to help or support those YOGi’s racing.

The YOGI Autumn Brentor Road Races are now on the BC Calendar and entries are starting to come in.  Races are open to women (E/1/2/3/4), juniors, 3rd and 4th Cat male riders.

We also plan to hold, as part of each race, a YOGi Championships.  This is open to all riders who have a current race licence with YOGi as their first team and any YOGi member who would like to take part on a day licence.  To encourage as many members to take part, the club will give you a free day licence (this normally costs £10 and will be issued on the day of the race to novice racers only).  The cost to race is £16 and you will automatically become a 4th Cat racer.  Trophies and a goodie-bag and/or prize money will be awarded to the first female, first junior, first 3rd Cat male, first 4th Cat male (*see notes below).

If you would like further details on the races please e-mail yogirace@virginmedia.com or have a chat when you see me.

Road Race Entry forms can be downloaded from the British Cycling website.  Here is the link: http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/membership/article/mem-st-Entry-Form


*Current YOGi race licence holders includes people who have held a race licence since the start of the season and have not changed or raced for another club.

*The YOGi Championships are designed to encourage members who have none or little experience of racing.  If you are unsure if you qualify for a free day licence, please contact Jackie Church.

*If we have a large number of female entries, the YOGI Championship awards will be broken down into first E/1/2/3 female and first 4th Cat female.

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41 Responses to YOGi Road Races 18th September 2011 – Volunteers and riders still needed

  1. Trevor Hadfield says:

    Hi Jackie,

    I currently only have a provisional (silver) license. I was about to pay £32 to upgrade to a full race license but I will put that on hold if I will be automatically upgraded to Cat4 if I enter the race.

    I was going to enter anyway but it looks like this will save me some money!

    Glad you posted this info this week

    • Jackie Church says:

      Hi Trevor

      Unfortunately, it is a day licence only ie you ll be a 4th cat rider for the day and any BC points scored will not count towards a 3rd cat license, so it might be worth while you upgrading anyway?

      Bear in mind it is YOGi that is paying for these day licenses out of any monies raised, the idea is to encourage as many new comers as possible to experience racing for the first time.

  2. Chris Glazier says:

    Brentor Races – 10th & 24th July
    Okehampton Cycle Club will be running the same race and format as our own on 10th July……..Ladies and Cat 3/4 race am and E/1/2/3 pm. They would welcome any help with marshalling…or entrants? on the day and it’s a great way to see what you could have a go at in Sept in our very own YOGi race championship. Race HQ will be at Brentor village hall and racing starts at 10:00am. Full detail can be found on the British Cycling Website…


  3. Miles Earl says:

    My entry is in for the event next weekend. This is a great circuit and was my first road race last year.

    I got dropped then, but still really enjoyed it and learnt a lot.

    If you are interested in road racing then these evets are a great way to get an idea of what it is about close to home and on a quite safe circuit.

    The Yogi RR is on the wifes birthday, but I’ve hopefully got a pass and will also see if I can help wth finding some marshalls.

  4. Simon Pope says:

    Hi Jackie,

    Happy to drive, marshall, make tea or whatever else you need a hand with – let me know where the gaps are.

    Might even be tempted to race if enough other YOGi’s are man enough for the challenge!!

    Come on guys, what you waiting for? 🙂

  5. Tony ? says:


    This will be my first race but im sure after the Dartmoor Classic it will be a doddle lets hope a few other Yogis also pick up the challenge?

  6. Richie Ogle says:

    Hi Jackie and Andy,

    Look forward to the event you’re organising in September. Well done.

  7. Mike Deacon says:

    I have lots of traffic warning signs, flags, arrows, Hi Viz jackets and a stopwatch. I need them for my time trial on 11th, but you can have them after that.

  8. Mike Deacon says:

    ….and rider numbers

    • Jackie Church says:

      Hi Mike

      I know Andy Parker is supplying some stuff for the race – I will check what exactly and e-mail you directly with other stuff we’ll need – likley to be the Hi-viz jackets and flags. Thanks

  9. Miles Earl says:

    I sent my entry off last week, I hope you’ve got it Jackie?

    Which other Yogi’s have sent their entries in so far?

    • Jackie Church says:

      I’ve got your entry form thanks. So far only you – but have had a bit of interest shown by other members – I think it might be a case of someone taking the leap first and the others will follow suit. C’mon YOGis support your club race!

  10. Phil Hull says:

    Hi Jackie. My wife and I are willing to help in any way possible. Won’t be racing though, those days are long gone!

    (PS message to Tony – compared to road racing, it’s the Dartmoor Classic that’s the doddle!).

  11. Jackie Church says:

    Your offer of help is much appreciated. I will let Chris Glazier know as he is overseeing the marshalling etc. Thanks again.

  12. Jackie Church says:

    Tom French have matched Spinnaker of Saltash’s sponsorship money which means we have at least £300 prize money to split between the races. Entry forms have come in every day so far this week, so get yours in as soon as you can as there is a limited field amount on the course. (Three YOGi entries so far – two of whom have not raced before so if you’re thinking of having a go you won’t be alone!).

  13. Helen Ballantyne says:

    Hi Jackie
    I would love to help you with the marshalling, but unfortunately I am doing the Cheddar Sportive on that day!
    I hope it all goes well though. See you soon.

  14. Richie Ogle says:

    Hi Jackie,

    Roger (Father in Law) will be down that weekend and is happy to help Marshall. I’m happy to help also if it doesn’t interfere with riding the Cat 4 race. Have you had many Yogi’s enter as yet?

  15. Justin Austin says:

    Have never ridden this circut before and was thinking of going over for a dry run on monday after work if anybody fancies joining us about 5.30-6ish in Brentor church carpark. Could somebody please let me know the route, cheers Sarah.

  16. Richie Ogle says:

    Sounds good to me as I don’t know the route either. Will be more like 6pm for me though by the time I’ve finished work so hope this is ok?
    Hope to see you both up there.

  17. Jackie Church says:

    I will e-mail you both a link to the route on multimap (or something like that!). Have you persuaded Justin to join in the actual race yet?

  18. Justin Austin says:

    Hi 6 will be great,see you there.
    Justin’s bike is going to specialized on saturday to have chap give it once over and pack it up for his trip see will be wheeless for few days. See you sunday.

  19. Miles Earl says:

    Here is my Garmin trace from the race last year.


  20. Gary Thomas says:

    Can i rock up and pay on the day, i’m not sure if i can make it or not. 🙂

  21. James Thompson says:

    Hi Jackie,
    I will be around on sunday to help if still needed.

    • Chris Glazier says:

      James…good to have you back……09:15 at Lamerton Hall would be great thanks

      Bring your bike and ride the race pm…..

      Chris G

      • James Thompson says:

        I will have to have the bike anyway as got to ride up, not sure about racing though, not riden to much recently.

      • James Thompson says:

        looks like a little change of plan, going to join in the fun and try not to get dropped! what do I need to do now?!

        • Chris Glazier says:

          help in the morning….and sign on after the ladies race……rest is easy (!!!)….just hang on and sprint at the end……you’ll be fine:-))…and great to see you having a go.

  22. Miles Earl says:

    So who is going to contest the YOGi Championships?

    I’d really encourage anyone who has any aspirations of racing next season to give it go on Sunday. I did my first bike race on this course at this time last year (and got dropped) but learnt a lot and was inspired to get a good winter full of training in!

  23. Richie Ogle says:

    If you get dropped James, you can ride with me!! 🙂

  24. Jackie Church says:

    I’m sure you will all do fine and well done novivce YOGis for giving it a go. I have been polishing the trophies all week 🙂

  25. James Thompson says:

    How many riders are there down to ride? how many YOGi riders are there?

  26. Jackie Church says:

    6 already registered and one who has promised to… and hopefully yourself 🙂

  27. Jackie Church says:

    If you send me a form by email then you will find out!
    There are separate prizes for the first 3rd cat and 4th cat man and a single prize for the women, first Yogi in each category across the line wins!
    Email addresses and forms are within this post.

  28. Jackie Church says:

    Big, big thank you to the marshals who helped out at the race today – the Commissaire said it was ‘spot on’. Thanks to Pam for the lovely cakes and to Lynn and Charlotte for making the tea and coffee. Well done to all the YOGis who raced. You did really well and should feel proud of your efforts. Will write a brief report and post the photos on the site (hopefully this week).

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