YOGi Team Time Trial

You’ve seen the pros ride the Tour de France team time trial, fancy having a go yourself?  There are a couple of team time trials on the horizon. The first is;

One & All TTT on Sunday 31st July near Truro. You have the choice of a 15 mile 3 up TTT (S6/15) £24 per team or a 10 mile 2 up (S6/10) at £16 per team.

Each team member will need to fill in a CTT entry form (don’t forget to send 1 cheque for the team) and send it to; T. Farnell, 3 Lambs Lane, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 2JL. This needs to be in at least 2 weeks before the event.

The other event is the CS Dynamo 4 up Team Time Trial on Sunday 21st August near Honiton (S26A/40k) so 40 kilometres. We put out a couple of YOGi teams for this event last year and performed well despite not being fully aeroed-up!

Send a cheque for £30 and 4 CTT entry forms for each team member to; A. Waite, 50 Park Road, Exmouth, Devon, EX8 1TL.

You can read David Fletcher’s write-up from last year here.

So get talking and sort out your squads.

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36 Responses to YOGi Team Time Trial

  1. Kim Wiltshire says:

    I’ll be in Ireland for the first event but hope to be available for the CS Dynamo event on 21st August. Apologies to Chris Sammels for the holiday ref LOL.

    Better start training 😮

  2. Ross Wildman says:

    I’m down for the 4up if anybody will hbe me!

  3. Richie Ogle says:

    I’ll be available for both dates. Getting back to some kind of fitness so don’t want to hold anybody back. I’m happy to do the 3 or 2up on the first date.


    • Dave Skinner says:

      Hi Ritchey, I checked with Brian if he was interested in a 3 up, but not his cup of tea, do you fancy me as a partner for the 2 up, or as a No3?

    • Simon Pope says:

      Pretty sure I’m available for this if you want a third man for the 3-up?
      Could also be around for the 4-up just need to check with the boss!

    • Richie Ogle says:

      Hi Dave and Simon,

      I’m up for that, sounds great. 3up it is then. Also if you fancy the 4 up on the 21st August we just need one more. Dave are you up for that? Si, let us know if you get the pass.
      Great new website by the way.

      • Dave Skinner says:

        Hi Both, Brian could be interested in the 4up, it’s the shorter ones he’s not keen on, I’ll be seeing him today, will let you know

        • Dave Skinner says:

          Brian not up for the 4up, leave it to you what we do

          • Richie Ogle says:

            Hi Si,
            just spoken to Dave as I’m on hol tomorrow until the 18th. Dave’s going to send my form with his for the 3 up on the 31st. Can you send your form and put myself, you and Dave in that order as rider 1, 2 & 3. We can sort a ride either one evening or weekend of 23rd July. I’m still up for the 4 up but can discuss that when we meet up.


          • Dave Skinner says:

            Hi Si, Mine & Ritchies forms plus Cheque for the 3 of us, sent off this morning

          • Simon Pope says:

            Richie – Have a good holiday, you deseerve it! 🙂
            Will get the form in the post tomorrow.

            Chatting to Kris (Curtis) tonight and he has offered to join up with us for the 4 up…although I guess he may be poached by a rival team!!

  4. Gary Walsh says:

    I would be keen for either of the distances on 31st July. Word of warning, it would be my first time trial effort. Would love to give it a go though.

    If anyone wants a keen team member let me know.


  5. Miles Earl says:

    I thought Yogi had organised a TT for a moment!

    Don’t think I’ll be able to ride the first one as have a wedding the day before.

    • Mike Deacon says:

      We do have a few individual time trials coming up:

      A club TT on the Ermington 13 mile course, Sunday 7th August

      An Open TT on a hilly 25mile course from mary Tavy to Okehampton and back, 11th September

      The club hill climb on Pork hill, October 2nd

      Hope to see a good YOGi turn out at all these events.

  6. Andy Westcott says:

    I’d like to get in a team for the 4up.

  7. Andy Westcott says:

    How old does Wiggins look in the Photo at the top of the page!!

  8. Graham Lang says:

    I may be interested in the 4up if I’m matched up with 3 of similar ability to me and can get some practice in beforehand.

  9. Kim Wiltshire says:

    Can we have a list of people interested in the 4up on Sunday 21st August?
    So far it looks like we have 9, so might need another 3 riders to field 3 teams. Here’s the riders shown in order of interest, we can sort teams shortly;
    Kim Wiltshire
    Ross Wildman
    Simon Pope
    Richie Ogle
    Dave Skinner
    Andy Westcott
    Graham Lang
    David Fletcher
    Rachael Darby

    • Simon Pope says:

      Anyone fancy starting some 4-up training? How about Thursday 11th August
      on the Torpoint TT route? Obviously need at least 4 of us to make it worthwhile! 🙂

  10. Simon Pope says:

    I think Kris Curtis was interested in the 4-up as well…not sure about Dave?

  11. Kris says:

    Yes that is right Simon i am up for the 4 up!

  12. Chris Glazier says:

    Ok………….I’m in too

  13. Dave Skinner says:

    Just received an E-mail from Tony Fardell, the 3 up is cancelled due to lack of entries. We can enter the 2 up without further forms, just need to let him know who is riding with who.
    If Kris joins us, we could make 2 teams

    • Simon Pope says:

      That’s a real shame, was looking forward to it. I don’t have a contact number for Kris so hopefully will might see him on Tuesday. Do you want to get into the 2-up with Ritchie and I’ll see if Kris or anyone else would like to join up with me?

      Hopefully we’re still on for the 4-up…

  14. Dave Skinner says:

    Kris, have E-mailed Tony, he has added the four of us to the start list, and is just awaiting your entry

  15. Mike Deacon says:

    There’s been a change to the 4up TTT, this from Ken Robertson of Mid Devon CC:

    Good morning,

    The Cycle Sport Dynamo have been the victim of roadworks on the old A30. This means that they are unable to proceed with their planned 4 up TTT. Because of the short notice and in acordance with CTT Regs and I have been unable to ask all the SW DC clubs in the area if they can take on the promotion however I am prepared to act as the event secretary and promote the event on the roads used for the S3/13S.

    This is a circuit of just less than 13 mile miles. For this event the HQ will be the Village Hall, Ugborough – only 5 minutes from the A38 at Wrangaton.

    The time trial will start on the B3124 close to Haredon Cross. It will then go to Ermington and on to the A379 to Modbury and then the road to California Cross, Kitterford Cross and the completion of 1 lap. Repeat for 1 more lap less 150 yards.

    Please publicise this change on web site and verbally. Encourage all to enter.

    Entries to Ken Robertson, 9, Barnfield Road, PAIGNTON, TQ3 2JT with cheques made out to “Mid-Devon CC”


    Ken R

    • Simon Pope says:

      Hi Mike,
      I’m still up for this but haven’t got an entry in yet as we haven’t sorted teams. Anybody fancy a practice run on this course next Thursday?

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