YOGi ToB Club Ride 27/4/13 **Rider Information**


The list of confirmed participants is below, please check your name is there!

Ross has put together a web form which we need you to complete as it contains details of emergency contacts and a few other bits which will help us with the organisation of the day as well as the obligatory terms and conditions.

Please follow this link to the form: http://rosswildman.co.uk/yogitob/

We will be at B&Q from 06:00 on Saturday to start loading the van, please arrive promptly and make sure you are there by 06:15 at the latest as we need to leave Plymouth at 06:20 prompt.  You will need to bring a blanket to put over your bike to protect it during transfer to Barnstaple and home again.  Put a name tag on the blanket if you want the same one back!

We will collect £20 cash on the day for the cost of the ride, be sure to sign in and make sure we mark that you have paid before getting on the coach.  Please note that you have committed to take part and the ride goes ahead regardless of weather.  You will still be expected to pay even if you don’t turn up! (Harsh but fair and it’s going to be lovely!).

We should arrive at Barnstaple by 08:30 and our departure point from Barnstaple is Rock Park (New Road).  Hopefully by the time the coach arrives your bike will be laid out on the grass ready for you to make a few final checks before we set off.  Please ensure your bike is serviced and in a roadworthy condition before Saturday! There are public toilets in the park which will be opened early especially for us and the kiosk may be open if anyone wants to grab a quick tea or coffee before we leave.  On arrival you will be given a YOGi badge and a couple of tie-wraps, please fix this to the front of your bike so it is clearly visible.  There are emergency contact details on the back should you need to get hold of anyone during the ride.  Dump you day bag in the car and we should be ready for the off!  We should be away from Barnstaple by 09:00 latest J

The route out of Barnstaple will not be signed.  We will set off as one or two groups which will each have designated ride leaders.  Please follow the instructions of the ride leaders and stay together as a group until you reach the first YOGi arrow (around 5 miles) at which point feel free to split into smaller groups or head off at your own pace.  Be aware that there are a couple of major junctions to negotiate as we leave Barnstaple so be careful.

After Barnstaple the route will be fully signed with YOGi arrows.  Typically the rule will be don’t turn off a road unless an arrow directs you to do so.  Roundabouts will be signed on the exit only.  We will also put in periodic ‘comfort arrows’ where you are riding on the same road for a good length of time  (every 3-5 miles or so).  Please be alert in case arrows get removed, vandalised or interfered with.  The full route can be found at the link below and ridewithgps also allows you to download the ride in various formats for use on Garmin and other GPS devices. Consider carrying a printed copy.


NOTE: The route has been updated since the original post as there was a small error in the navigation.  On the upside it’s now ½ a mile shorter!!  Please only refer to this route.

The feed stops will be at around 30 mile intervals with the first feed stop at Hatherleigh, the second at Princetown and the final one will now be at California Cross.  All feed stops will have plenty of water and a selection of foods to keep you topped up and to supplement your own supplies.  The route passes several YOGi favourite café stops so feel free to stop at these too if time allows.  This could be one of the few rides that you’ll go home heavier than you started!!  Each feed stop will have a signing in sheet, it is vitally important that you make sure you sign in when you get there.  All feed stops will have basic tools and a first aid kit should either be needed and we will also have a small selection of spares which will need to be paid for if used.

Bags will be available at the start (take it with you at Plymouth but don’t leave it on the coach!!), the feed stop at Princetown and at the finish.  Please pack sensibly and remember we have a large number of bags to carry and limited space! 😉  If you are going all the way to Dartmouth don’t forget to pack a change of clothes as there are showers available for you to freshen up after the ride.

There will be a broom wagon following the last rider and we will have a limited amount of mobile support out on the route.  If you have a problem that you can’t fix we will get help to you as soon as we can although you will have to be patient!

At Dartmouth we will set up a makeshift finish line on the promenade, hopefully this will be pretty obvious!!  Depending how much cake you bring there might even be some left 😀  Collect your bag, follow the signs to the showers and drop your bike back to the van.  There are plenty of places in Dartmouth to grab something to eat but our social hub will be the George and Dragon pub which does serve food (never eaten here though!) and will also be signed!  Please encourage friends and family to join us and cheer you in across the finish line and afterwards at the pub.  It would be great to see some of the early finishers cheering in the later arrivals in true YOGi spirit too!

After a bit of revelry at Dartmouth the coach leaves for the journey home at 21:30 from the George and Dragon.  If you’re not there, you’ll have to make your own way home!  The coach arrives back at B&Q around 22:30 for anyone needing a lift home.  We will also have a second bike collection on Sunday morning at 10:00 from B&Q if you don’t want to take your bike home on Saturday – how about that for service!!

For any riders not going on to Dartmouth you are still welcome to bring a day bag.  This can be collected at Princetown or when we arrive back in to Plymouth on Saturday night or alternatively Sunday morning (same for bike blankets).  Anything left after that will be available at the following Saturday morning ride or check on ebay!! 🙂

Obviously all riders are free to do as much or as little of the ride as you wish.  If leaving at Princetown please let the feed station marshalls know AND write this on the signing in sheet.  If leaving the ride from anywhere else you must make contact with one of us to let us know so we don’t waste time searching the route for ‘lost’ riders.  If you want to come up and join us at Dartmouth for the finish you will be very welcome, the more the merrier!

Finally a few words of warning…for many you will be riding on unfamiliar roads.  In some places these can get busy, notably between Bideford to Torrington and Okehampton to the Lydford turn.  The main hazards will be other road users, potholes, loose gravel and poor road condition.  There are also some descents which have sharp bends at the bottom, we will try to sign these but please stay alert and be mindful of your own and other riders safety.


Rider list:


Carl Hutchins


Helen Ballantyne


Jez Ralph


Gavin Avery


Lynda McBudd


Greg Mack


Andy Everett


Ed Bills


Paul Hiles


Simon Jerwood


James Grozier


Louise Mack


Patrick Winter


Debbie McCall


Martin Critchlow


Graham Ford


Jonathan Keable


John Price


Steve Wood


Simon Foster


Trevor Monk


Chris Burke


Sharon Monk


Paul Cunningham


Andy Westcott


Kaja Curry


Kerry Nadin


Tony Dyer


Nigel Waterfall


Dave Hughes


Martin Reeder


Gary Fraser


Rosie Heath


Matt Rayment


Lucy Goldsmith


Russ Kevill


Paul Brindley


Suki Hughes


Ian Devonshire


Sean Brierly


Steve Sendall


Lucy Spowart


Steve Tobin


Sabine Lenger


Kim Wiltshire


Sebastien Florea


Micahel Taylor


Ian Jervis


Luke Bird


Holly Russell


Ray Cooke


Thomas Toogood-Smith
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