YOGi’s do France……….again!!

This Friday!!


Well, it’s finally arrived! 🙂  YOGi’s do France yet again!  Final detail and advice all as follows………Great weekend in store!


  1. Meet at the ferry port 20:30 ……you shouldn’t need lights 🙂 Sailing at 23:00, you will all board together as a group with your bikes, James Thompson and myself will be in the car.
  2. Cabins are allocated as per the post below, there are amendments so please check. First named for each cabin is responsible for obtaining the key …..Lynda McTier will co-ordinate this if as last time they wish to issue our keys in bulk.
  3. We will meet in one of the bar/restaurants as soon as we have found our cabins and deposited our minimal gear!! …this will give us a chance to have a quick chat about the plan for the following day, answer any questions, ………….and have a few drinks!! 🙂
  4. Arrival in Roscoff is 07:00 and we will disembark in cycling kit ready to ride, your ‘minimalist’ bag can be left in my car which will be as close to the ferry as we can leave it….50mtrs last time 🙂  We have planned for an 08:00 start to our ride.
  5. Breakfast/coffee will be in Morlaix – roughly 09:00….
  6. Lunch is booked and as per Lynda’s post a fixed menu at 12 euros a head, we expect to arrive in Huelgoat for lunch around 13:00-13:30
  7. Afternoon tea will be back in Morlaix, we have ample time 🙂
  8. We will need to check in again at Roscoff at 21:00 for our 23:00 sailing
  9. We may have a few drinks/chats in the bar on the way back!!
  10. We will arrive back in Plymouth 06:30 on Sunday

To Take:

  1. Passport!!
  2. Bike…please make sure your bike is serviceable and not have any parts about to fail !! 🙂
  3. Wet weather gear…..forecast is for very light showers :-/
  4. Passport!!
  5. One set of casual clothes and one set of cycling gear….minimalist!! it should fit in a day sack…if it doesn’t you’ve got just toooooo much!! 🙂
  6. E111 and travel insurance is your choice…..whilst the club are organising this you are responsible for your own welfare.
  7. Passport!!
  8. Euros……….or you will be hungry or in debt to your friends 🙂
  9. YOGi sense of humour 🙂
  10. I have assumed everyone is British…if not then please let me know for the passenger manifest
  11. And finally…………..don’t forget your passport!!


  1. Two routes are planned, a shorter more direct route, and a slightly longer/lumpier one (which may extend if time allows)
  2. We will all ride together from Roscoff to Morlaix…from Morlaix you will have the choice of which route to follow to Huelgoat
  3. Post lunch the ride will remain as one group
  4. A full ride brief will be given before each stage 🙂

And finally thank you to Graham Lang for his interpretation of how our disembarkation may look !!…………. 🙂

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Any questions at all then contact accounts@yogicycling.com




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