Your chance to help the club evolve: New committee members needed

This year we are very sorry to see Chris, our treasurer decide to step down and also Graham who has developed the website and keeps the site in order.  Both will carry on playing an active part in the club; we will carry on being regularly beasted on rides by Chris’s grinding cadence and Graham is happy to carry on administering the website and dealing with the committee’s collective technological incompetence.  Both have played an instrumental part in making Yogi what it is through the early years of the club.

Which means that we are looking for up to 3 new volunteers for the committee (there is one place currently unfilled).  There are some FAQs about what it is involved in the appendix to the club constitution here but generally it means attending meetings, having a beer and helping the club evolve.  It’s an incredibly satisfying role to be instrumental in the development of such a young club and we hope that there are enough members as enthused as we are about how Yogi can continue to be an exciting club.  Without new committee members the club will slowly become a dull shadow of what we want it to be as the current committee becomes greyer haired and more off-the-back than driving-the-pace.

If you want to stand please e-mail  We will get back in touch and, if there are a lot of volunteers may ask for a short statement to inform members who will be voting at the AGM.

It is also time for three of our original committee members to restand as their three years as committee members have elapsed.  Steve Clare, Steve Monk and Ian Roberts were all instrumental in forming the club, have been on the committee since its inception and are all happy to carry on being committee members.  We will ask members to vote these three back onto the committee at the AGM.




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